Nested PLaylists in m3u or Pastebins links
Is there an addon or a method to add an m3u or a pastebin link like this:

which shows this structure (like a nested playlists, in layers)


I've heard that Movian, has this feature and works very well with m3u nested structure (like folders).

Hope you guys can help me on this.
this page is removed
(2019-08-14, 10:16)libertbobi Wrote: this page is removed

So wheres is the forum to discuss about this?
(2019-08-14, 10:16)libertbobi Wrote: this page is removed
Please elaborate on your remark, also because your previous two posts didn't exactly show much participation effort.
If you are on this forum just for spamming or upping your personal post count, don't bother. We have very little patience with such behavior.
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I think he was maybe trying to access the example links above (the Link A, Link B Link C etc) as real links rather than just examples?

But in any case you won't get much or indeed any support for accessing lists of links on paste sites, as those are almost exclusively lists of illegal sources or other pirated media links which violate our piracy policy (wiki).

It might be worth having a read of the forum rules (wiki) before continuing here, as this thread is verging on being a candidate for the bin.
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Nested PLaylists in m3u or Pastebins links00