v18 No audio in widevine content
I am contributor to addon, which provides live (and "archive") streams of TV.

It is crypted with widevine, so InputStream.Adaptive and InputStream.Helper is used.

I have many devices to test it (windows, CoreELEC, android tv and android devices) and it works flawlessly.

Except one tablet - Lenovo tablet with Android 6 and Mediatek chipset. But, i have been reported from other user with same tablet, that he doesn't have this problem.

So, when playback started, there is no audio and every few seconds is rebuffering.
When is InputStream.Adaptive set to video only, playback is smooth. When is InputStream.Adaptive to audio only, it just hangs completly.

I have done everything possible - factory reseted tablet, totaly wipe tablet (recovery mode), tried every Leia stable version (from 18.0 to current 18.4), every possible combinaton in settings, nothing helped.

And log is flooded with:

ERROR: CDVDAudioCodecAndroidMediaCodec::AddData ExceptionCheck 
ERROR: CDVDAudioCodecAndroidMediaCodec::GetData ExceptionCheck; dequeueOutputBuffer 

Here it is - buhivusimo.kodi (paste)

I have to randomly cut some sections to upload it succesfully..
And i have replaced urls and IDs of that service for security with **.

Any hints?
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