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Game Controller - Holding Down Arrow In List Does Not Stop At Bottom
I remember reading this somewhere, not sure if this was ever solved.
I am currently using an older version of Kodi.
Hopefully this is the proper place to post this thread.

If I enter a file list and hold the UP or DOWN arrow keys down to scroll through the file list when I get to the bottom of file list it stops and does not cycle back to the top of the file list.  If I then release the DOWN arrow key and then give it another tap it then allows me to cycle up to the top of the list, which is the desired effect I am looking for.

When I do this using a game controller with the UP and DOWN actions keymapped to UP and DOWN arrows, when the same action as mentioned above is performed the file selector does not stop at the end of the list it just automatically cycles back up to the top of the list.

Does anyone know of a solution for this?
Again this may have be solved in newer versions of Kodi, but maybe their was some kind of old trick to get this to work as desired?
Thank You
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Game Controller - Holding Down Arrow In List Does Not Stop At Bottom00