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Solved Kodi 18.3 - 18.4 compatibility (MySQL DB)

are there any risks in having both 18.3 & 18.4 Kodis clients in infrastructure, where DB is share through MariaDB?

(2019-11-07, 14:29)JimmySmith2 Wrote: are there any risks

None that I know of.
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Thank you!
I didnt find anything looking on the github comparation, but better check twice, when that important things are in play.

Have a nice day!
Database versions only change on the major version changes (17.x to 18.x for example) not the minor ones (18.x to 18.y).

See the wiki (database (wiki)) for details of the version number of each db for each major Kodi version number.

And in the very worst case when you upgrade to a newer major version the old database is just migrated/updated to the new one, but it is not removed. It just means if you have some devices using one major Kodi version and some using another, you will have two databases ongoing which are not synchronised together.
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