Autoplay from script trigger ("Goodnight mode")

Is there a way to start some content where it was left last time watching from a script (without any user interference)? I use certain group of series on a "loop" for "good night watching" and would like to be able to include a trigger for Kodi, TV and Sonos to get into some specified preset mode and set a timer on itself to my "good night button" which turns off lights etc. I would prefer to do this from Kodi only (set dynamic compression from the script, start playing a list which could be pre-determined (i could manually create the loop of content that it should go through in the good night mode depending where it was left off), set low brightness on TV - however I could do it all separately and set up the TV and Sonos into pre-specified volumes etc through their respective REST APIs, so if KODI could at least do the playback automation part, it would be awesome.

Anyone any ideas please?
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Autoplay from script trigger ("Goodnight mode")00