Universe number order
Is there anything in the future development that makes custom order easier for universe numbering in tinymediamanager .
for now i need to make for every Movie and tv shows a code or number so i could make custom order of any universe it is the only way to customized playlist if sorting needs to be done .
so if i must rename them ALL ( i got  about 200+ tv shows with about 7 seasons per show not to mention movies)  that would be a hell of a task.
oke i can use bulk renamer but when they go into tinymediamanager and rename those new videos that im scraping i need to do it manually again so that is not an solution for me.

now u would say why aren`t u not using sorting in kodi by number or by season , some seasons like for instance buffyverse or marvel doesn`t play synchronous with the numbering  ,
example  :
airdate order BTVS season01 - season02 - season03 has no  isseus 
when Angel season01 starts 2 episodes after  BTVS episodes  are mixed into these it looks like this 
Angel: 1x01 BTVS: 4x01 Angel: 1x02 BTVS: 4x02 Angel: 1x03 ......etc
this order is not correct cannon or chronological it needs to be , 
Angel: 1x01 , 1x02  BTVS: 4x01 , 4x02 , 4x03 Angel: 1x03

This is also with other Universes Airdate is at the moment the closest order but can change like for instance Marvel universe it keeps changing the order look for Captain marvel that  was the last movie and it should be or could be in right order after Captain America first Avanger 

My question is therefor why is there not a way to give videos a Code or number like (Buffyverse)
BUV0XXX to the name of the title/name of the video file so kodi would recognize also a alphabetic order 
( HOW-TO:Movie_universe (wiki) )

Once again i got a lot of videos and manualy giving them a number even in tinymediamanager is just a lot of work.
BTW i`m using smartplaylist and or Super Favorites to try this out and even now  i need to put it manualy 1 by 1 to get a Correct order so i like it be be easier with some code  that is already there ...

Thx in advance................
sorry, but this is far out of tmms scope; you probably have _everything_ in tmm of meta data to work with - im my opinion this is just a problem of visualization in Kodi (for you).
Please have a look at the following discussion - 349831 (thread)

from my point of view:

* you can use the release date to be taken into account in the renamer
* you can use the movie set in the renamer
* you can even use a custom _notes_ field for the renamer
* you can use tags in the renamer

this all assist _you_ in creating _your_ desired name scheme; we probably won't invest our time to code a special handling of just a few movies for just a few users which can be avoided by workarounds. that is just a matter of economics (just google for the pareto principle)
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thx for the fast reply . A lot of this is been asked yes i have seen that tread just after i wrote this coincidental today and im going to fiddle with this hoping for the future that maybe TheMovieDB and TheTVDb wil do something about this because this is been asked more frequently , i am also trying to find out if there is an option to Use Trakt.tv personal/liked lists to "play the videos" on local storage devices thru kodi , i can acces them now but it has no option to "play" ,  i`m using openmeta at this moment but can`t make it work without any third party addons and or illegal/banned addons but maybey this is a question for another thread
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