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Hey all, 

Kodi Info

2020-01-12 19:27:07.913 T:1900020656  NOTICE: -----------------------------------------------------------------------
2020-01-12 19:27:07.914 T:1900020656  NOTICE: Starting Kodi (18.4 Git:20191024-b8ed2dbee1). Platform: Linux ARM 32-bit
2020-01-12 19:27:07.914 T:1900020656  NOTICE: Using Release Kodi x32 build (version for Raspberry Pi)
2020-01-12 19:27:07.914 T:1900020656  NOTICE: Kodi compiled 2019-10-30 by GCC 8.3.0 for Linux ARM 32-bit version 4.18.20 (266772)
2020-01-12 19:27:07.914 T:1900020656  NOTICE: Running on Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster), kernel: Linux ARM 32-bit version 4.19.75-v7+
2020-01-12 19:27:07.933 T:1900020656  NOTICE: FFmpeg version/source: 4.0.4-Kodi
2020-01-12 19:27:07.933 T:1900020656  NOTICE: Host CPU: ARMv7 Processor rev 4 (v7l), 4 cores available
2020-01-12 19:27:07.933 T:1900020656  NOTICE: ARM Features: Neon enabled

Getting this skin helper error, if this is too much ill put it in the paste bin, but thought it manageable .
Please let me know if you need anything else Smile

2020-01-12 19:49:02.157 T:1679581408 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting plugin:// 2020-01-12 19:49:04.618 T:1298129120 ERROR: EXCEPTION Thrown (PythonToCppException) : -->Python callback/script returned the following error<-- - NOTE: IGNORING THIS CAN LEAD TO MEMORY LEAKS! Error Type: Error Contents: No module named functools_lru_cache Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/pi/.kodi/addons/", line 10, in from resources.lib.plugin_content import PluginContent File "/home/pi/.kodi/addons/", line 17, in from metadatautils import MetadataUtils File "/home/pi/.kodi/addons/script.module.metadatautils/lib/", line 9, in import helpers.kodi_constants as kodi_constants File "/home/pi/.kodi/addons/script.module.metadatautils/lib/helpers/", line 9, in from utils import KODI_VERSION File "/home/pi/.kodi/addons/script.module.metadatautils/lib/helpers/", line 13, in import arrow File "/home/pi/.kodi/addons/script.module.arrow/lib/arrow/", line 3, in from .api import get, now, utcnow File "/home/pi/.kodi/addons/script.module.arrow/lib/arrow/", line 10, in from arrow.factory import ArrowFactory File "/home/pi/.kodi/addons/script.module.arrow/lib/arrow/", line 18, in from arrow import parser File "/home/pi/.kodi/addons/script.module.arrow/lib/arrow/", line 15, in from backports.functools_lru_cache import lru_cache # pragma: no cover ImportError: No module named functools_lru_cache -->End of Python script error report<-- 2020-01-12 19:49:04.657 T:1306521824 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting plugin://]
#2 addon it's abandoned. I will remove the support/use in Bello 8.

(2020-01-16, 14:04)nessus Wrote: addon it's abandoned. I will remove the support/use in Bello 8.


Cheers and have a nice year! Where did you read that?

EDIT: nvm, found it out

Still on 18.5 here though.

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Error getting plugin://
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