Solved Can video player be made to play shuffled video the way music player does?
I have almost completely finished my transition from the previous media player I used for years (Popcorn Hour) to a Kodi based one (under CoreELEC), and it's almost perfect except for one important difference: where in my old player it was as easy to either randomly shuffle my music, or randomly shuffle my videos (e.g., hundreds of episodes of a cartoon series), under Kodi I only managed to achieve this for music - where I only need to press "P" on the music folder. For movies, the process is much more labouros (press "C" to create a list, then go to the list, then switch the list to shuffle play, then play, then delete the list when done), especially when one doesn't have a full keyboard (I'm using a Harmony remote). I don't see why the Kodi's video player can't be made to behave exactly as the Kodi's music player - simply press "P" on the folder with videos (first enable "shuffle" somewhere), and off you go.

Does anyone have an idea how to achieve this? I am totally open to try some Kodi hacking if needed.

I am using the current (18.5) Kodi.

I actually found the solution. I discovered that the Kodi addon Keymap Editor allows one to create a key shortcut to function "Random shuffle Toggle". I programmed my Harmony remote to execute this function when pressing a certain button, and then tested it in Music section (it properly enabled/disabled music shuffle). Then I tested it in Video section, and even though the Video player has no icon indicating shuffle, pressing the shuffle button on the remote did switch folder play to a "shuffled folder play". I can now point at any folder, press "P", and a shuffled playback of the whole folder (including subfolders if present) starts. Problem solved!
Interesting I didn't know that toggle shuffle worked for videos, I'll take a look at Estuary skin to see if something can be added.
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Can video player be made to play shuffled video the way music player does?00