Reading existing NFO files
  I am a new user to TinyMM.  I am noticing that TinyMM does not seem to read in existing NFO files.  I have 4000 shows that have some data in the NFO(s).  Some of the NFOs were created by TinyMM, but when I re-organized the folders the shows were in, I found that when i brought the data in, TinyMM displays it like the shows down't have an NFO file.

For example, the NFO files have actors listed, but, TInyMM shows on the interface no actors.

I am really hoping I missed something obvious, as who wants to re-enter data they already have in the NFO file(s), the whole point of keeping that data external is in case of reloads of software etc.

Is their a log I can create to see that it is reading the NFO and if it had a problem, or is this a feature that isn't implemented  - LOL

Can you upload a NFO which does not import the actors?

When you already have the show inside TMM, we wont reread the NFO on update.
But you can force that on right click menu for all selected shows, if you want.
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