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(2020-07-25, 05:04)defrost Wrote:
Quote:Your doing it wrong.
You're sure about that? 

I (incorrectly) hoped that EMM might support SQL i/o as outlined for future Kodi releases .. I suspect that if and when EMM does support such a feature the setup will look more or less as it does now with a toggle for { MySQL | JSON } comms.

It appears to be less the case that I'm doing it wrong and more the case that my not unreasonable expectations exceed the currently implemented capabilities.
Quote:Ember does not talk to the database. 
Currently, no, it does not - I tracked back through the thread and saw mention that it uses JSON control of a Kodi instance.
It'd be nice to see database support in the future if Dan has the time as it'd avoid this double handling:
Quote:It talks to one of your Kodi instances.
That instance is then updating the database.
Mind you, as of now, with my particular setup using an external database (rather than the regular internal Kodi database) I'm not sure that is true.

I started a local Kodi instance (using the external SQL DB) in parallel with EMM  and gave Kodi permissions in its setup to allow external control (port 9090, Kodi|Kodi), then mirrored those settings in the EMM Kodi module tested the connection and got the response that EMM was reading the Kodi sources . . . 

Several hours later it was still hung at that point and cycling through the "reading Kodi sources" message.

It would be useful to hear whether anyone has any direct experience of getting EMM Kodi module syncing working with a Kodi instance using an external database.
EMM uses built-in kodi's JSON-RPC to upadate DB.
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