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(2021-01-10, 23:24)DanCooper Wrote:
(2021-01-10, 22:13)shaktoo Wrote:
(2021-01-10, 17:04)JanM201 Wrote: It would be great to have this scraping functionality, something like this:
Is this coming in Ember 2.0?
No pressure, just asking. Ember would be top notch if this was implemented Rofl
I am confident Dan is keeping this in his focus , he did say it would be  in the last update but I am guessing there are more pressing matters.
However I have 1 Question which might sound stupid but is there any way I could stop ember form adding the zero when reaming TV Series / Seasons " Season 01" and instead of having just " Season 1". This renaming makes an issue when scraping from my Prime and other related addon content as they create only season 1 and updates of new episodes only to that folder whereas ember keeps adding the season 01 which creates doubling up of .strms.
I said this comes in Ember 2.0 before i desided to rename the refurbished version to 3.0 Big Grin
But i know that this is one of the last things that is still missing in Ember compared to the Kodi main features. So i will move this part of code from 3.0 to 2.0 but at the moment I haven't done anything. First i will try to fix some already known bugs before i add new ones Tongue

Regarding your season naming question: Yes! The season and season-episode number flag have numbers that define padding:
Change all "2" to "1" if you don't want to "padding" the number. The second line shows the padding for the season number and the padding for the episode number: $W2_S?2E?

1= 1, 10, 100 ...
2 = 01, 10, 100 ...
3 = 001, 010, 100 ...

Thanks Dan .. that Worked perfectly Smile

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