Fanart & Backdrops websites?

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digitalhigh Offline
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Ha...I just did the math for my previous statement...nvm. That's pretty small. somewhere around 533x300 or maybe a little smaller?
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szsori Offline Admin
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travisbell Wrote:What does everyone think is a good size for a thumbnail?

I have to already create a new size for the website banner at 780x439, is that good enough? Or are we thinking smaller than that?

I'd suggest going smaller for the thumbnails, since it's the biggest bandwidth hog for the API. Remember that every thumbnail will be returned for every movie lookup, so having a 4KB file will make a huge difference compared to a 15KB file. The ones for my API are 230x129. Basically you just want people to be able to tell what the image is while keeping it as small as possible. That will keep your bandwidth usage to a minimum.

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Weavus Offline
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Also consider higher jpeg compression on the thumbnails than on the fullsize images, this can save a lot of space for very little noticeable difference, especially for a thumbnail.
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hi .. i have looked everywhere for hd quality fan art for the music compilation series.. now that's what i call music... does anybody have some or know where i can get it.. thx..
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