Music Info files and full path to Albums
Until the last couple of months I have not really used Kodi for music but during the lock down I have found it to be really useful and simple.  So finally, probably years after everyone else did so, I got round to moving from the old Kodi method (v17 and before) of album information to the newer version with a separate Album info folder.

Inevitably this highlighted a few (actually a lot) of errors in the original tagging of the files which I am slowly correcting.

The issue I have is that I use Kodi at home on a TV and a laptop which links to my music library on the NAS but I also use Kodi on my tablet which has a subset of the music library (and in mp3 format rather than lossless).  Obviously once I have cleaned up the music info folder on the NAS the intent would be to copy it over/import it to the tablet and then do a clean database on the tablet to remove anything which whilst on the NAS is not on the tablet.  This may work but one thing that worries me/confuses me in the nfo files is that the path to the album is the full path which is obviously different for the tablet.

My question is whether it would work or will it be necessary to create a batch edit of the entire nfo files to change the path.
A bit confused bt your question. You have stated using the music library, great Smile
Quote:I got round to moving from the old Kodi method (v17 and before) of album information to the newer version with a separate Album info folder.
Do you actually mean Artist Information folder?
Nothing has changed regarding how albums are handled: Kodi still just uses tags embedded in the music files to identify albums and not folder names, and provided all the songs for an album are under a unique folder will also pick up album.nfo and album image files from that album folder. There is no separate place to put album information (unlike artists).

OK, it then sounds like you have 2 copies of each of your albums FLAC (or similar lossless) on NAS and mp3 on a tablet...
But then I get lost what you want to do.

A few bits of information that may help, or at least help you clarify the question:
You don't have to have album.nfo files at all, you can use Kodi without additional album info or scrape that extra data from online sources.

If you want to save scraping info twice for your album copies then scrape one set, export the results to individual album.nfo files saved amongst the album files (assuming they are arranged in folders); make a copy of the album.nfo files and put that with the other copy of the music files.
You can't use the one nfo file for two different locations of music files.

Or maybe you are just trying to avoid scanning and making a library on the tablet?

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