HOW-TO: Stale mariadb / mysql database? Seeding new install on another machine!
Annoying issue, simple solution.

Problem - On a fresh installation on Windows after putting my advancedsettings.xml into place I found that the majority of my movie thumbnails didn't show up, and never did show up. As was pointed out to me here at the forum the reason for this was a stale database. For whatever reason the paths to the images used on the rest of my machines weren't valid anymore, and as such was unable to get that information to match. Basically it was looking for something that didn't exist.

Solution - From any other "working just fine" Kodi machine (all of my machines are linux save this one desktop) I copied 2 folders from their /home/"$USER"/.kodi/userdata folder. In this case both Database, and Thumbnails. Put these in your Windows machines %appdata%/Kodi/userdata folder and it will load everything up just fine. From then on as movies / media are added it will update them at the same time as other machines, keeping up with the new information while still using the existing information from your sql database for the existing movies that were present on initial install on the new machine.

This applies to linux machines as well. Same principle.

*EDIT* This also means that keeping a backup of your database includes backing up these folders as well.

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HOW-TO: Stale mariadb / mysql database? Seeding new install on another machine!0
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