Titan BINGIE MOD v1 (UPDATED - 07/24/2020)
(2020-08-20, 11:38)HugoL Wrote:
(2020-08-20, 10:43)2bpz Wrote:
(2020-08-19, 16:14)HugoL Wrote: @AchillesPunks
So I've made some subtle changes to the Spotlight content widget (I'm using the Netflix sans font too which makes a difference)

1. Added back the "Watch Season xx" sublabel
2. Tidied up the plot and button layout, things like buttons that now auto-adjust to plot so there's no inconsistent space between them when plot size changes, increased the text width on button while simultaneously reducing the actual button width, removed text shadow from plot and hardcoded it white for better visibility.
3. Made subtle edits to the diffuse overlay to slightly lighten up corners/edges of fanart image and made it slightly dimmer behind the plot for better plot visibility.
4. Changed the right side MPAA Text sliding animation to an MPAA icon sliding animation instead.

Right side images are the current bingiemod


Let me know if you're interested.

This is how mine looks with OG

I have the plot toggled to scrolling so my layout always looks the same regardless of plot size. On places other than spotlight I have toggled episode synopsis to override series plot for all "in progress " shows. I also changed the color of the side blade to a true black which matches better. I changed like 6 things in toggles and changed some colors ie: the buffer color in the progress bar is stock pink and I had to change it to yellow to be able to see the difference between buffer and progress. All in all stock skin allows all these changes but seems to have a steep learning curve. Took me a month of using it to get it truly where I want it. A lot of that time was just going through settings menus and seeing what is available to change.
I'm not keen on autoscroll at all, the only way I can see full plot anywhere in bingie views now is through Plot & Critics - info dialogue screen which I'm happy with.

I'd never go back to OG now.  I don't like the white line going down the menu blade or the menu blade position, don't like the font, don't like the clearlogo size, I really don't like justified text at all, those inconsistent spaces between text really bother me and in general, I didn't like the big square block of text in any of bingie views. And AchillesPunks mod improved a few other things so I was more than happy to switch over and make some minor adjustments.

I also really appreciate the uniformity I've highlighted here:


Can you please send me your own final version of the mod theme that you are using? I find your mod interesting.

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