Titan BINGIE MOD v1 (UPDATED - 07/24/2020)
(2020-09-12, 01:59)cscott1 Wrote:
(2020-09-11, 23:27)HugoL Wrote:
(2020-09-11, 21:34)nazim12 Wrote: Thanks its done . i think Netflix Logos are little bigger compare to library widgets ?

They are “bigger“ yes. Specifically, they are only wider. I’ve mentioned this previously but Netflix uses a different aspect ratio to Kodi scraped logos. Their max width is wider meaning their artwork can extend much wider than your typical clearlogo. That doesn’t mean they are always wider, it depends specifically on the artwork they use. If they use artwork that utilises it’s full width, it can extend to 1100-1200px (around 3 poster widths)  compared to the Kodi standard of 800px.

The skin can’t recreate this. You can’t increase the width without increasing the height as the aspect ratio has to be respected. We had larger logos but it just wasn’t right because we matched the width of Netflix but that inevitably meant increasing the height (to respect the aspect ratio of the art) so the height was all wrong. I had to make them smaller again (although still an improvement over the original bingie).

However, you can recreate their logos. With a png editor like Paint 3D for example, you can increase the standard logo width on specific artwork that allows for it.

As follows (in Paint3d):

1. Open your clearlogo png and extend the width (and only the width!)of the canvas.

Do not allow the artwork to stretch with the canvas otherwise the artwork aspect ratio will be altered (stretched). Do not alter the height of the canvas either. All Kodi scraped logos are 800px wide. Edit the canvas width from 800px to 1100px while maintaining the default height.

2. Now you’ve fixed the canvas, increase the artwork itself.

Draw a selection box around the artwork itself and shift key + mouse drag a corner of the box to enlarge the artwork until your artwork meets either the end of the canvas or the bottom. This isn’t a choice. It’s which ever comes first. If it hits the bottom canvas before it hits the full width, that is the max size increase you can make.
Holding the shift key ensures it maintains the correct aspect ratio as you increase the size. Do not attempt a mouse drag without first hold the shift key.

**this will only work for artwork that doesn’t already utilise it’s full height area. ie. if the artwork already touches both the top and bottom of its canvas, you can’t increase its size further (without ruining its aspect ratio)**

Should take about 20 seconds in paint 3D once you know what you're doing. If you’re having trouble I’ll see about making a video.

I have about 900 movies and about 500 tv shows any volunteers to edit my logos for me? lol. No takers lol I think I'll just keep the standard size logos good enough for the girls I go out with. But thanks for the info if any of them bother me bad enough to change I now know how. Also for those who don't know if artwork beef doesn't scrape a logo for your show you can often find the logo from a simple google search and just type in the name of the show plus PNG. You can often source them from netflix or amazon prime.

Oh that reminds me I have to switch to Estuary to manually add my artwork it would be nice if that could be an added feature to Bingie. I'm sitting at my river camp by a fire right now not near my hub but I will go into a more in depth request when I'm at home maybe make a short video to show you what I mean.
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