Titan BINGIE MOD v1 (UPDATED - 07/24/2020)
(2020-09-17, 00:48)HugoL Wrote:
(2020-09-15, 23:49)cscott1 Wrote:
(2020-09-15, 22:50)HugoL Wrote: Yep. You’re missing the landscape art in Episode View too. I really can’t figure that one out!

That is something you guys added that wasn't in the original Bingie nor is it in Netflix I actually prefer it with out the landscape art on that page but that's just my opinion it looks good but I'm a Netflix purest lol.
Well it's someone else's work and I'd rather not mess it up if I can help it. 

I think it's getting pretty close to Netflix now but there will always be a big limitation beyond the control of the skin no matter how many other changes are made.  Unfortunately, it's the biggest factor too if you really want it look like Netflix.

The limitation is the artwork.  Specifically the posters and clearlogos.  Netflix posters are designed really nicely, with simple subtle differences that make it fit for purpose. Predominantly light coloured poster all the way to the edges that make it well defined and pop against it's black background instead of darker poster edges that end up bleeding into a black background.  Also, the artwork is typically a nice big close up, appreciating the fact that it's only a thumbnail so needs a big clean image. Typical multipurpose scraped poster art has no reason to follow principles like this and so they typically don't.  These 2 subtle things end up making a  big difference.

The clearlogos are another big factor. Their artwork nearly always utilises it's whole height box (around 300 pixels or so) meaning no large gaps between the artwork and the movie info. And of course, it can extend much wider, making it a completely different aspect ratio to Kodi recommended aspect ratio. They also left align their artwork rather than centre align them so there's a nice uniformity with the rest of the left aligned details row, plot and additional information section.

So there's some tips to consider for users to improve their artwork because it's beyond what the skin can do.

By cheating and using the Netflix add-on to get their artwork you can see something that's very close to Netflix. Take away their artwork and you're left with something sorrier and less Netflix looking.

Bingie Mod 1.06 with Netflix artwork vs without

Yeah I agree with everything you said the art you pick can definitely make or break your Netflix look with every single show and movie I noticed with the latest update the spotlight was reduced to fit above the in focus (top) widget definitely making more fanart work but they seem focused further out than Netflix so smaller it's a fine line hard to get perfect but you guys are doing a really good job.
Running Leia Titan Bingie Mod skin on Nvidia Shield to Vizio 50in HD TV in living room. Same setup on Xiaomi Mi boxes in my bedroom and home gym. Same setup in camper with a 24in tv, Google Pixel 3a Android 10 cell phone. Kodi and Plex Server Dell Inspirion 5575 Ryzen 5 HTPC Windows 10 with 5TB external HDD

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