Titan BINGIE MOD v1 (UPDATED - 07/24/2020)
(2020-09-22, 22:25)HugoL Wrote:
(2020-09-21, 23:54)wrp_199 Wrote:
(2020-09-21, 13:19)HugoL Wrote: No clue about Jellyfin at all I’m afraid. Can I see the same log again with it working from Spotlight?

This one is playing a movie from new content widget in home tab: https://pastebin.com/5vaze2U9

This is the kodi crashlog after hitting play on that movie: https://pastebin.com/5xpjrPbs

This one playing a tv show from same widget: https://pastebin.com/0u23fF3M

This one is playing a movie from recently added in movies tab (estuary skin): https://pastebin.com/8W9ViScx

Sorry about the spotlight but i dont see the play button on mine, im using latest verison of this skin 1.0.6

Edit: @HugoL Here you have the log playing a movie from spotlight. I left the movie playing for 5 minutes without any issue. The only thing ive noticed is that when i hit stop button, a few seconds later it plays again.

I did notice this error 

ERROR: NEWADDON Unknown Video Info Key "progress" and I just presumed it wasn't Bingie at first but then I realised it must be related since it doesn't show up in Estuary.  So I googled around and I saw the following thread where the creator of Bingie, Cartman is asking about this error which seems to be related to Skin Helper. Don't know if this is causing the crash though but it might be.

I also googled this error and found the same thread but i thought it was irrelevant. So do you think this might causing kodi to crash?

Edit: I can confirm it is related with bingie, check last post on this thread https://github.com/jellyfin/jellyfin-kodi/issues/36
Quote:were you by any chance using Bingie at the time?
In my installation I have been able to pinpoint this issue specifically to the Bingie skin for Kodi.
Which seems to have multiple issues in combination with Jellyfin (that other skins don't have!).
I feel like this isn't an issue for jellyfin-kodi, but one for bingie.
I'll provide the the ways I went to get to my conclusion.
Installation steps in kodi were always the following:

Fresh kodi installation
Install Jellyfin-kodi 2.0.1 + sync 3 libraries (movies, anime, tvseries)
Install Bingie skin for Kodi

Directly after doing these steps, everything works through the Bingie UI.
However once Kodi is exited and started again, anytime I try to run a media file through the bingie UI it will crash. Though when running the same media file through the jellyfin addon directly it works just fine.
Tested the following skins: Default, Bingie, Aura, Embuary -> only Bingie got me this issue (identifical error log to the one provided by Jucgshu)
Did this with multiple docker images + distros as well:
Jellyfin 10.3.7 docker (tried jellyfin/jellyfin + linuxserver/jellyfin)
Jellyfin 10.3.5 docker (linuxserver/jellyfin)
Kodi 18.3 on Linux with Jellyfin-kodi 2.0.1
Kodi 18.2 on Windows with Jellyfin-kodi 2.0.1
Ps for the contributors to jellyfin-kodi who come across my post (I'm new to Jellyfin); props to this addon, it blows plex and emby integrations with kodi out of the water.

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