Titan BINGIE MOD v1 (UPDATED - 07/24/2020)
(2020-07-24, 01:28)AchillesPunks Wrote:
Titan BINGIE MOD v1.0.7.mod


So is this better than the Notflix build? Can anyone tell me? I hope I'm not being rude I just wanna make sure I'm doing the right thing and this build is still being updated and maintained. Thank you

This is the BINGIE MOD skin of @AchillesPunks, @HugoL. With this zip we can have both the original BINGIE skin from @Cartman.dos and the BINGIE MOD Skin from @AchillesPunks, @HugoL. Just note apply the NETFLIX COLOR THEME in Settings by @AchillesPunks. enjoy it

Link Below


First I wanted to Thank @Cartman.dos for creating the backbone for this skin & All users that are helping and contributing to continue this skin mod.

Required Repositories :
- BINGIE Repository: BINGIE Repository is the home of the Bingie skin and all its necessary add-ons.

Additional Add-ons: (not required)
- Artwork Beef : (Get from Rector Stuff Repository, also available on bingie repo)
- Up Next - is integrated and is used to watch next episode.
- BINGIE Movie Genre Icons - Install and set as resource in general settings to have the green bricks shown in images on genres and category widget.

Note: After you install the REPOSITORY and SKIN from @Cartman.dos Download my Mod from zip above and install.


Change Log

Changelog 1.06

- Fixed diffuse not clearing with Netflix logo when remove option is selected.
- Fixed Video Info dialog plots & critics text merging with with sublabel/details row
.- Fixed progress bar disappearing on Continue Watching widget??
- Improved Content Spotlight widget diffuse
- Improved spotlight corner diffuse
- Changed plot visibility in views - scrape short Plot Outlines for much better looking views or you’ll have large blocks of text that cut off as opposed to the nice 2 or 3 line Netflix plot outlines
- Improved Text titles
- Improved Spotlight details Row inc. removed all non UK icons from details row, added option to switch between UK Icons or classic flag box/text MPAA.
- New options found in Details Options in Settings>homescreen layout.
- Improved spotlight details row flag boxes
- UK Icons now default to coloured, removed monochrome. Will now fallback to flag box/text where no relevant image is found.
- Anyone with US MPAA ratings can now use UK Icons without scraping UK ratings, although scraping UK ratings will provide more accurate results!
- Added Audio Codec info to Details Row. Can be disabled in Details Options in Settings>homescreen layout.
- Logos created for Dolby Digital (AC3), ATMOS, DD TrueHD. Everything else will fallback to flagbox/text
- Added UK Age rating Icon slide animation to spotlight content widget when UK Icons are enabled.
- Added option setting for a new details row style found under Details Options in Settings>homescreen layout replacing green percentage section with Rotten Tomatoes/IMDB rating and logo. A more uniform look when clearlogos are set to off.

To do:
- Put all extras folder textures back in .xbt to ensure correct loading of textures.

**Known bugs**

- With UK Icons setting is enabled, Episode view loses the bingie mod landscape art for some strange reason!
- With UK Icons setting enabled, switching from poster to landscape in library bingie views can cause odd MPAA fallback behaviour, text displaying in front of logo. Corrects itself when leaving and returning to library view.

  • Added Option to Remove the Netflix Logo on Home.
  • Removed Fixed Focus Frames.
  • Removed the Option to Disable profile picture
  • Added Enable Zoom effect on selected Widget on Home
  • Adjusted Configure Shortcuts.
  • Moved Spotlight Diffuse & Vignette to XBT.
  • Changed the Bingie Logo in xml to Netflix Logo for Home icon.
  • Sideblade menu improvements including.
  • Removed panel and focus highlights and replaced with a diffuse.
  • Font improvements including focused font is bold.
  • Red line indicator now remains static rather than incorrectly moving with focus.
  • Slim menu gets an (almost)working red line indicator. incorrectly disappears if you select the same hub twice in succession.
  • Also added option for Netflix logo at the top instead of profile name/picture.
  • Small details row improvements.
  • Straightened up the resolution/audio description, UK icon age certs.
  • New spotlight corner diffuse image too for more visibility of artwork and a more square looking diffuse as opposed to the previous rounder corner.

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