Titan BINGIE MOD v1 (UPDATED - 07/24/2020)
(2020-10-31, 01:06)ontap Wrote:
(2020-10-31, 00:20)HugoL Wrote:
(2020-10-30, 22:56)ontap Wrote: Sorry I deleted that install befor I saw replies, any way , this time i downloaded cartmans skin and set it all up with PKC ( although even doing that widget rows are appearing even though I deleted all widgets in "home" and set movies and tv shows to a single widget ) but am not bothered cos I want to try/use bingie mod. So after doing that I installed the bingie mod and now am stuck with black screen , if i reboot kodi i get the netflix intro and then a black screen. I can long press on OK to bring up the bottom row of icons, enter settins menu from there and add widgets , but on reboot black screen.
EDIT:   started fresh a 3rd time. downloaded cartmands bingie repo, then skin. downloaded bingie mod , followed prompts for the skin to enable default settings etc , black home screen. long press on back button , into skin settings enble skin back up , created back up then installed backup, installed netflix color theme , rebooted a couple of times - BLACK HOMESCREEN. 
Maybe its a mac thing. 
I give up.

I remember someone else was getting a black screen issue on Mac. Maybe it’s a Mac thing but you said the original bingie 1.3 works so can’t see why that should work and Bingie mod shouldn’t.

Ok try something. Can you get in the settings of bingie mod? If not you can also use original 1.03.

Go to skin settings>configure shortcuts>restore Menu items and reset the menu. This is a skinshortcuts script that works across various skins that may be causing an issue. Also do the restore default widgets for good measure.

Now go to your Kodi addons folder and delete your temp folder (if there’s one present) and then try reinstalling bingie mod.

OK thanks for responding , did all that , then updated bingie mod from repo , still the same, cartman bingie works fine btw. I can get into skin settings on mod , and tried resetting menu from there still nothing , the temp folder , which I did delete, was empty.
This is not a huge deal because the skin/build once set up would be FTP'd over onto a firestick , so if the issue is indeed my mac , I can always do it all on the stick using zips.
Once again thanks.

I had exactly the same fault when I installed bingie then the mod on my Nvidia shield. It always happens when or after the mod is added and then it asks you if you want it to build the setup automatically or if you wish to do it manually. What I had to do was build manually at both prompts then I got a screen I could work with. It took me about five attempts to figure which settings to use and I believe it was manually at both. Once I got it I did a backup so if I had to restore i could just restore the skin immediately.

The other way I found worked was when you install the mod and it asks do you want to use this skin, say NO at this point, go into raw kodi and remove the bingie skin back to Estory and then add the Titan Mod skin, this always worked for me on the shield.

This is what I would get first was the checked screen black screen with white boxes then black screen. Yes there is a glitch where the mod doesn't want to sit happily on bingie at first install


Maybe worth a try.

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