Titan BINGIE MOD v1 (UPDATED - 07/24/2020)
(2020-11-01, 03:39)HugoL Wrote: Update is live.

1.08 Changelog


  • New brighter spotlight widget diffuse.
  • Spotlight Widget now hides plot on idle (with a slide animation)
  • New metadata sublabel on spotlight widget (and on home & Bingie views)  Spotlight sublabel now includes top 250 on IMDB and Director metadata (Director metadata is only displays on films and only for spotlight, not bingie views).  Can be disabled via (Settings>Homescreen Layout>Details Options).


  • New menu icons for sideblade and slim menu. Increased sideblade menu width to allow for longer labels (had to alter the submenu position for this to work so it sticks out further than usual.
  • General tidy up of sideblade menu and slim menu/indicator.
  • Menu now displays a max of 6 short cuts/hubs at any time, so you can have as many as you like without affecting the look of the menu.
Details Row

  • New Option fake resolution codec.  If enabled and if your resolution and audio metadata is missing, a fake “Ultra HD 4K” flag will appear.
  • New Option for displaying TV show status (ended, cancelled or continuing)
  • New option for Audio Codecs to display only the Atmos metadata (like Netflix) providing you have the existing metadata and when Audio Codecs are enabled.
  • Removed all other audio codec logos. It’s only text & flagbox now for non ATMOS audio Codecs
  •  Added TVDB rating to the IMDB/RT details row option (RT for films, TVDB for shows)
  • General details row tidy up
  • Added the option to switch between  either ClearLogo or ClearArt when OSD is paused.
  • Added option to switch between ClearLogo or ClearArt for OSD infopanel
  • Added option to remove the current time, start time and duration of movie on OSD
  • Added option to have jump indicator show when skipping video scenes.
  • Added option to remove the discart from OSD Infopanel
  • Changed the diffuse on the OSD infopane to help highlight the infopanel better.

Other changes
  • New Circular Navigation option – Removed access to the old version. New option keeps the same layout as noncircular navigation. Sideblade Menu access is on Back command only.  We will hopefully implement menu access from position 0 On Left in the next update.  Option found via (Settings>Homescreen Layout>Widgets).
  • New Total video count in bingie library views next to header.
  • Fixed bug with widget focus position changing when more than 28+ widgets are loaded.
  • Fixed widget header scrolling when Plot Scrolling is enabled.
  • Changed the left side diffuse on home so menu icons are more visible when there is a widget directly behind it.
  • Adjusted widget heights for bingie library views (poster and landscape)
  • Tidied up Continue watching widget 
  • Tided up Plots & Critics in Video Info dialogue
  • Tidied up Cast in Video Info dialogue
  • Added a season greetings Snow effect option Settings>homescreenlayout>seasons greetings
Excellent job on all of your work @HugoL

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