Titan BINGIE MOD v1 (UPDATED - 07/24/2020)
(2020-11-07, 10:12)HugoL Wrote:
(2020-11-07, 09:48)mathu204 Wrote:
(2020-11-07, 00:41)cscott1 Wrote: @mathu204 here is a quick video to get you started with your tags and smart playlists... I was a couple beers in when I made it so I could have probably done a better job of outlining step by step for different kinds of playlists but just experiment I'm sure you will figure it out I did and I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed.

its great my friend thanks Ill keep looking into, and educating myself on it Big Grin.

My next question to all you guys is how do you guys make your library like theres so much f-in stuff to choose from. 

Im actually just starting a Trakt LIst called Disney Plus complete catalogue for movies and tv seperately and im gonna add everything one by one over time lol. Wont do it in one day but whenever i have free time and im streaming ill probably do it.

I just use my trakt app on my phone. Anything I see that’s interesting, I just click “add to my collection” and then just let Trakt and Kodi do their thing. And like magic, it appears on TV with nice artwork and meta scraped! (not really but close enough!)

I see Im not using collection but its fine, also I have another questoin thats not skin related.

1. Might be due to TMDB Helper or whatever Addon i played with but basically i had resume points in an episode of Kill La kill (an anime), and Seinfeld. Both of these were library integrated so i had the little red bar and everything. That was this morning, then about a few hours ago I opened up Kodi and the resume points were missing, I still had the next up but no resume points, and the finish watching episodes widget disappeared (due to no content being in there).

When i played the episode of Kill La Kill, my addon picked up the resume point just fine so why do you think my Library lost the resume point?

2. How can i sync watched statuses, and resume points across different kodi builds? 
  Basically my audio was weird and i switched builds to another Kodi build with Library integration done (to see if it was a build specific problem [it wasnt]) , and all trakt settings enabled; i finished the episode in the other build and switched back and i updated library waited for the trakt sync notificatoins, but the episode did not update i had to manually do it.

Granted its not the end of the world and im not pissed or anything that it didnt update, but if it possible to be able to sync across different kodi builds or if im doing something to hinder it, or there are specific settings i need to enable, some info would be nice. Thank you Big Grin

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