Titan BINGIE MOD v1 (UPDATED - 07/24/2020)
(2020-11-11, 18:51)mathu204 Wrote:
(2020-11-11, 17:54)HugoL Wrote:
(2020-11-11, 05:12)mathu204 Wrote: Thank u I got it in the bottom right. Is it possible to get any extra ratings above the top 150 IMDb and below the movie title?

Also I have a suggestion: since changing widget aspects breaks the placement, maybe add an option to disable spotlight and widget info PER hub so

1-you don’t have to change it back and forth,

2- can have a hub full of widgets only with different aspects while not breaking the rest of the skin with placement in hubs that use spotlight/widget info

Also can I make clear logos show up faster in OSD, and also not make video pause when my mouse hovers over it?

Dunno man.  Adding extra critics ratings on the details row makes it too long extending into the fanart.

I'm actually doing myself a couple of new footers though that might be of interest to you.  Here's a couple of mockups:

There's a text footer and also a white logo footer


So basically you're looking for a new hub without a spotlight to have multiple widget rows and multiple widget layouts. I may be able to do that.

The annoying this is, anything is possible if you know what you're doing. I can't say I do to be honest. Like, there's no reason why you can't just have multiple widget layouts with fixed focus if you know how to fix it! Then have specific widgets (like the poster details layout) while on focus, automatically hide the spotlight and move position to the top of screen. Maybe Achilles can do it?

Regarding your last question, it's currently set to 1 second which looks right to me. You can set it to 0 but I just tried it and it's a bit weird. There's a diffuse mask that sits behind the clearlogo and you can clearly see a slide animation on it, quickly rising to the top rather than just appearing instantly as it should.

I won't look into it further just for the sake of reducing the clearlogo appearance time by a second, but if you don't mind the slight weirdness, here it is:

<!-- CLEAR LOGO or Clearart on PAUSE -->
<visible>Player.Paused + System.IdleTime(1)</visible>

IncludesOSD.xml, Line 851. Change the (1) to (0).

Regarding the ratings on details I completely understand, I was just under the impression that it was like that originally I swear I saw a picture that showed that before, maybe I was wrong or it was removed. Regardless, no issue.

Yes a new hub with no spotlight, or maybe a setting so that each hub can be configured to show spotlight and or widget info if u so please so u can set up some hubs with just widgets because I really liked that one picture u showed me once with just widgets.

Whether u can fix the fixed focus thing or not is just a matter of time and trial and error, I’m no coder but I understand it must be difficult so I didn’t want to ignorantly be like “why can’t u just fix it yet” if it does get fixed whenever it would be dope.

I really like those new ratings logos! Very nice thank u and Achilles and everyone else for your hard work as always.

Also I added my list to my home menu using the library version however no ratings show up I can get a picture later do u have any initial thoughts?
Maybe I'm confused.  I did create a new details row that has RT and IMDB for films and IMDB & TVDB for shows. 

But you're talking about adding more ratings to this details row right? Or are you just looking for the above details row? If so,  it's under homescreen layout>prefer imdb/rt details row.

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