Titan BINGIE MOD v1 (UPDATED - 07/24/2020)
(2020-12-03, 13:22)HugoL Wrote: Updating now but there may will be another update as Achilles is working on some other stuff too.
  • Added Snow animations for homescreen. Found under Seasons Greetings in Homescreen Layout.
  • Brought back the Fixed frame.  Do not select if you have multiple widget styles as it will not work properly.  Found under Widgets in Homescreen layout.
  • Improved Spotlight corner image diffuse mask (hides the left edge a little better)
  • Added option for a New spotlight corner image. This is similar to Achilles previous spotlight corner where you a get a nice big centre focus on the fanart. Don’t select if you prefer the whole fanart image fitting the spotlight. Found under spotlight options in Homescreen layout.
  • Added back and tidied up the original font for foreign language support or if you just want to mix it up. Looks pretty good now! Found under the interface settings labelled as “Original”.
  • Option for either red or white sublabel icons (top250/Director icon) on Spotlight Content and also home/bingie library views. Found under their respective parent settings in Homescreen layout.
  • Fixed the red circle details icon not showing in Bingie library poster view intermittently
  • Fixed intermittent problem with top250 sublabel icon incorrectly displaying in Bingie TV library
  • Improved diffuse behind Netflix logo on Home for better widget visibility behind the logo.
  • Changed the logos for RT/IMDB/TVDB details row. Also added a white logo version setting under the parent setting. Found under Details Options in Homescreen Layout.
  • Fixed studios not showing with RT/IMDB/TVDB details row selected.
  • Added New Footers for Home and Library Bingie views which now includes Rotten Tomatoes Fresh certification, Oscar Wins and Rotten Tomatoes Audience. IMPORTANT NOTE: RT Audience has it’s own toggle setting. Technically, it’s just a default database rating. Only enable it if you have set or intend to set RT Audience as your default database rating for movies (normally done with Universal Media Scraper) and all your movies have been scraped with Audience as the default rating.
  • New footers include a color option, a white logo option and text only option – Found under Footers in Homescreen Layout.
  • Added a new Plot & Critics footer that that also includes votes.  Please note: The RT Audience rating here does not require it to be the default rating.  It does however require that you have you this info scraped since this info is not available via skinhelper! A couple of methods I am aware of: UMS scraper or even simpler, Metadata Editor addon. The latter can quickly update all your ratings & votes.

New color footer with larger spotlight corner Image Option vs Current corner image

White Logo Footer & Text Footer

Ratings & Votes Footers

Season greetings animations
Great work

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