Titan BINGIE MOD v1 (UPDATED - 07/24/2020)
(2020-12-04, 23:23)mathu204 Wrote:
(2020-12-04, 11:46)HugoL Wrote:
(2020-12-04, 09:31)mathu204 Wrote: Thank you deleting Simplecache fixed it on my home screen! But i still cant get ratings outside of TMDB, and IMDB Top 250 if available to show up in other Hubs such as Movies. And these movies show the other ratings if i view it in Home for the same movie, or go into my video sources/library directly. Or even if I click plot and critics for the same movie from the Movies Hub. It just wont show on the footer. Any ideas? 

Also I see in some pictures the studio or cinematic universe logo appears alongside ratings how can I get this?

EDIT: If i use PLot and Critics from the Movie hub (where only TMDB ratings show up in the footer) it shows metacritic, imdb and tmdb but no RT. which honestly isnt a big deal if i can just get the other ratings to show up on the footer. https://imgur.com/a/BwrLo8b

There’s a bug that stops skinhelper ratings showing up in hubs. Only the home “hub” will display these skinhelper ratings.

You do not need universal media scraper for the footer ratings as they come from skinhelper anyway. UMS can be used for the plots & Critics (but then again so can skinhelper). The only time UMS is necessary is for the new footer when you want the popcorn rating (RT Audience) to display. In which case, you need to set this as your default rating and then rescrape your movies so it puts audience as default.

For studios, they have to be enabled. With the old footer (which you’re using) you have to find the options in both homescreen layout and library views.

With the new footers, you can just enable them in the homescreen layout Footers section.

You also need to chose a path for the studios resource pack by downloading and selecting either colour or white logos in general settings.
Thank you and alright, Ill hope that bug gets fixed Smile I swear I remember you or Acchiles showing your build and the ratings were working in the Movies Hub earlier. Anyways its fine, thank you I got the studio icons working now this is great Smile Man I am loving this skin more and more now.

EDIT: 2 Questions! How did you or Acchiles make the Top 10 IMDB widget? Through a smart playlist with a widget limit of 10?

2. I forgot what it was I will edit this back when i remember or make a new reply. NVM I REMEMBER, So I remember someone showed me earlier, since I know you dont have any plans on making the posters bigger which I respect. Can you point me to what parameters exactly I need to change in the .xml to make the posters bigger? Im a bit nooby so if you could highlight or show me it would be easier to know what I need to edit. Thanks in advance

You probably saw default ratings in hubs which do work since it’s not coming from skinhelper. So if your default rating is from TMBD for example, you can expect it to show there. If your default was IMDB it would appear there instead etc.

I haven’t tried The top10 list Achilles made but it should just be a simple smart playlist looking for the top250 positions 1 through 10 meaning if you only have one or two of those films if your library, it’s going to be quite a small list!

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