Titan BINGIE MOD v1 (UPDATED - 07/24/2020)
(2020-12-21, 15:23)cscott1 Wrote:
(2020-12-20, 21:58)nazim12 Wrote:
(2020-12-20, 20:48)mathu204 Wrote: Quick question for any of u guys that use Library Integration or people with their own libraries how did you manage to curate your libraries, so far i just added few lists like "Netflix complete catalogue" on trakt using TMDB Helper, and alot of shows movies didnt have clearlogos I ended up manually downloading a lot and putting them in and just deleting some movies/shows along the way and while I have a decent amount of content now. Im missing a lot of the stuff I feel like I would like such as a lot of the popular movie series from DCEU, FastnFurious, etc. While I could go do this manually; I probaby will but are there any lists of really good movies and shows acros the board anywhere so I can just copy paste and build up my library? I know someone here said u had a 4000 movie library how did u go about building that?

well actually its 11000 movies & 5000 shows in my library , Not in a physical form but (.strm) , You can pull trakt lists to your library using tmdb helper and can  add artwork using artwork beef . but it might be limited quota  there  . I  have set my home screen movies limit in  widgets  to 2000 and more then 60 widgets on home screen and funny part is skin loads INSTANT ,widgets load instant , for result links using  Prime Minister ,and set the auto play size maximum 20GB minimum 5GB ,100 % better playlists and feel good compare to native Netflix app.

With that many shows with metadata and artwork pulled from Artwork beef for each of them Posters, Clearlogos and Fanart bare minimum and landscape posters most likely for the episodes page for a nicer look your Kodi build has to be ridiculously large. I have about 1500 movies and around 1000 TV shows and my build after deleting my thumbnails folder and recaching the artwork is 3.5 GB just for reference most apps Like Netflix is under 100 Mb.  Just a rough estimate (very rough math is not my strong suit) you have about 10 times the content of my build so over 30 GB realistically You would have to use a PC or use expandable storage just to hold the build as most Android boxes only have around 8 GB of storage some of the better ones have 16 like the Shield. My Laptop loads all my Widgets instantly my Nvidia Shield loads all smartplaylist widgets instantly the skin helper widgets take a few seconds. Just curious what type of setup you are using for TV use. Do you have a dedicated HTPC or something? I'll probably just pop a 64 GB thumb drive to expand the storage of my Shield If I try to replicate your numbers. For those of you wanting to make a Library integrated build as large as Nazims the storage you will need is something you will have to take into consideration.
1 TB on PC ( Core i5 5th Gen with Nvidia GTX 1080ti Graphic Card ) using HDMI 2.1 ( Belkin ) to Connect with Samsung Q80R 65'' .
All Movies and Tv Shows in (.strm) format included artworks took only 75 GB of space  . Almost  85 % Movies and shows have all kind of ClearLogos , ClearArt , Posters, Episodes Views , Fanart , Trailers etc curtesy of Tiny Media Manager & Artwork beef , Media Companion etc  , PC is Far better then any other platform for Kodi even better then Nvidia Shield which I use on my other TV Qled 70R . for streaming links I use Prime Minister . and can stream 4K HDR 30 GB size very smoothly thanks to GTX graphic card and my 50Mbps internet Connection . Storage and cache all under 100 GB for 16000 Media Titles . lol

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