Titan BINGIE MOD v1 (UPDATED - 07/24/2020)
(2021-05-24, 23:26)Majin01 Wrote:
(2021-05-23, 17:24)Shinobi_Wan Wrote:
(2021-05-19, 20:42)shaktoo Wrote: @AchillesPunks : Does the skin uses TheMovieDb Helper addon  for additional ratings ? 
I used Arctic Horizon by Jurialmunkey who also wrote the TheMovieDb Helper & Skin variables scripts.  Out of the box without any modification of nfo's or using any specific scraper it  pulled additional ratings ( MC/Trakt/RT/Tvdb etc ) and displayed instantaneously. 
I went back to TBM and still no Joy Just the imdb & sometimes the tmdb ratings.
So I think TBM is not utilising the "TheMovieDb Helper" script . I think it utilizes the scraped info directly into Kodi library ( As on my Matrix test where I did not use any nfo files & got all artwork from UMS) or maybe via the local nfo ( as scraped by TMM ... Still not available on ember  Sad). 
Another great idea implemented in Arctic Horizon skin  (which I had proposed to MiKe Silvo as well but didn't got heard )was to have a button to access Music Video ( Youtube Button )from the Audio source directly .
Could our beloved skin be configured to use these resources ?  get additional ratings directly from TheMovieDb Helper / Skin variables ? 
Also Is there anyway to have Netflix style Screensaver incorporated . Netflix currently has Fanart / landscape images with logo superimposed & pan scan effect with sound track  as screensaver.  The multi screensaver addon in kodi does not even come close to it .
This was something I wanted to address as well. Im only getting IMDB ratings for my movies in this skin but if I go to Arctic Horizon skin, its pulling every  media rating I could ask for. I have my OMDBapi keys in the right place too.
I have it working and I'm only using 3rd party addons + TMDBHelper at the moment, you just have to put your OMDB Apis in the right places. I added Fanart and OMDB to Metadata and Artwork Module in Supported Addons in Skin Settings. Then add the OMDB to all your addons you're using as well as TMDB Helper. Then close Kodi and delete simplecache.db in kodi/userdata/script.module.simplecache. Reopen Kodi and it should start to pull the ratings, a lot of the time you have to stay on the movie you're on and then move off and come back. Generally I load a page in an addon scroll completely from one end to the other and then start singling out widgets and letting the ratings load. I found I've gotten complete ratings: IMDB, TMDB, RT (only critics though), and MC. on Shows I get: IMDB, TMDB, TVDB.


Hello. i tried all your things.
But i still get no Media/Codec-Info, no IMDB and RT ratings. just only on some movies i get the TMDB rating.
With the Titan MOD i have all the Ratings and Media/Codec-Info
Can anyone help me with it?

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