Fanart (sort of) when browsing TV Shows
It's been mentioned before (see below) but I've found a nice little alternative.

ltmon Wrote:First up: great first release and even better on the update.

My question/suggestion:

Is fanart meant to appear upon hover when viewing TV shows (in any view mode). I have fan art that works fine once I select a show to view it's seasons, but on hovering the show title it doesn't show. The preview for the "wide" (with Dexter in the background) indicates that it should do.

It would be good if it did, as it's more consistent with the movies which does this.

Hitcher Wrote:I was thinking the same thing - it would definitely look better if fanart was used in the main TV Show menu.

skunkm0nkee Wrote:We *MAY* put an option to allow this but we had this in the past and found that it made the navigation of the list a bit jumpy so we took it out. I'll try it again (using largeimage control perhaps) but if it doesn't really work that well then it won't make it in.

Anyway, this came about because I couldn't decide whether I liked using wide icons or posters in List mode when I realised the space would fit a 16:9 image perfectly. So I loaded the fanart as the thumb and it looked amazing (as long as thumbsize is 1024), so I take back my previous comment as I think this works much better and just goes to show what an amazing skin this is. Judge for yourself.

I like it...never thought of that really Big Grin

well done!
Really cool idea man... never been a fan of tv show covers... definately a good idea... me likes Hitcher... ur coming with good ideas these days... who's the manHuh hahaha

Nice idea. I'm really liking that.

[Image: mediastream_banner.jpg]
i was thinkin of the same thing but instead of just covers the fanart could be in the background
I dig it too. Can yo make it a mod that uses the actual fanart without having to convert them to thumbs?
Read this before using these builds.
Wow. Excellent idea Hitcher.
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kricker Wrote:I dig it too. Can yo make it a mod that uses the actual fanart without having to convert them to thumbs?

You don't have to convert anything - just bring up the TV Show information menu, select Thumb, browse to the show's folder and select your fanart. Like I said it looks best with the thumbsize set to 1024 (probably not a good idea on the Xbox though).
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Fanart (sort of) when browsing TV Shows00