Kodi 19 epg dead slow
Thought I'd give Kodi 19 a try on my MI TV 4S but navigating back and forth in the epg is extremely laggy. Kodi 19 is latest master from yesterday.

Kodi 18 with same pvr client with about 80 channels is fluent as can be. Using 2 days in the past and 4 days in the future in both versions.

@ksooo you put a lot of work into the epg. You happen to know what causes this?
No crystal ball here to guess what client your are using or what skin you are using and show other key things.  Please upload debug logs to help us help you.

I'm using waipu and confluence on both 18 and 19. There's no difference in configuration that could cause this massive stutter. It's the epg grid that's extremely laggy even when nothing is being played back.

It's more or less vanilla Kodi 19 with the pvr client installed.
"More or less" you are telling us you don't need help when you don't post debug logs.  There were changes in v19 then could explain slowdowns depending on how frequent the EPG updates are and how many changes each time they get loaded if they addon doesn't handle the database updates properly.

Tried with pvr zattoo too. It was a little bit faster with only 40 channels in the grid but still not smooth as in Kodi 18. With about 100 channels it was just as slow as with pvr.waipu. I waited until the epg was fully loaded in all cases.

I know there were internal changes to how the grid is stored / loaded to improve performance on low memory devices like rpi 1 and such. Maybe it's these changes that cause this because the process of loading events not in sight when navigating is too expensive?
If I remember correctly, PVR.waipu basically is a copy of PVR.zattoo - code-wise. Both suffer from the same problem. After starting Kodi, they push EPG data to Kodi in a tight code loop. This causes very high CPU load. For my (fast) Dev machine this is 400% load for about a minute which can cause what you experience on low power devices.

So, could you please check that after some time after Kodi startup the CPU load drops and EPG window is working smoothly?

Those issues need to be fixed in the add-on. Kodi cannot do anything about the CPU load created by the add-on.
As I said, I gave it some time and ensured the epg was fully loaded. There's also no lag at all in other parts of Kodi. Just the epg.

And yes, they were similar but waipu is still using sync epg while zattoo is asynchronous.
BTW, even with the high CPU load after Kodi start, I can navigate the EPG window smoothly. Tested with zattoo and 80 channels 30 days EPG each. But as I said, I'm using a high power machine.
I need log files, with debug for PVR and EPG enabled.
As other add-ons seem not to have this problem, I tend to say you should open a GitHub issue for the two affected add-ons. The add-on maintainers should have a look.

Can you see anything?
I can also try another pvr addon of your choice if it helps you.

And if it's related to the addons, what has changed in Kodi itself when there's no issue at all with the same addons in Kodi 18?
The whole way EPG is handled by Kodi in memory and database has changed for v19. If you are a Dev, please read the GitHub changelog. If not, my explanation would not help you.
I'm aware of these changes and that's also what I suspected to be causing these issues

But what I'm not aware of is why that would break existing pvr clients in such a way?
Well, just did a quick test: Setup waipu account (1 month free trial), Kodi RC1, pvr.waipu 2.5.0, ~170 channels, -3 / +25 days of EPG.

On my Mac dev machine I experienced the following, when opening the EPG window directly after start.

On very first start of Kodi with the addon enabled, where all EPG data are new and need to be saved to kodi epg db, there was some lagging here and there while scrolling to the epg window with my finger permanently on the left or right or up or down cursor key. On subsequent Kodi starts, where all data are already in the kodi epg db (except some updated programmes maybe), I could not see any lag while scrolling.

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