how to detect "no information found"-items, which are not logged during scraping?

I run kodi 18.9 on coreelec 9.2.5 with smb-shares for my media and settings basically at default. 

I update the library by running the library auto updater three times within short term, with about 1/2h between each run.
At the first run, 10 items get logged as "no information found - it won't be added to the library".
At the second run, only 7 of those 10 items get logged that way.
At the thirs run, not a single item gets logged that way.

Still, all 10 items are not added to the library as mentioned in the first run, so i was surprised that the 2nd and 3rd run didnt log all 10 items again. Any idea why?

And more important: How can I check what items are not added? 

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(2021-01-23, 19:54)Norfolk Wrote: Any idea why?
Nope, no idea. Need a Debug Log to see what is going on.
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Thanks for the quick response and pointing me in a good direction. I could not reproduce the issue, even though those files still are not being added to library and just not touched anymore during the update. 

But while trying to reproduce it with "debug on", I also found hints that my library might be broken.

After the primary installation of kodi, I did some reordering of media directories, changed content of sources (movies>none>movies) to get files scrapped again, started using ".nomedia" and also temporarily removing some folders from the media tree to get them cleaned from library during a "clean library"-action. I thought by doing regular library-updates and clean-library during such changes, it would work but now I get the feeling that those actions have broken it instead of keep it clean.

I will start the library from scratch to see if it helps...
After doing the rebuild I could solve my own question:

Formerly, I was used to Kodi trying to scrape the same media files with "no information" everytime a library update is run. This was also noted in the eventlog, so I could verify that it's the same file Kodi is trying to scrape but with a entry-timestamp according to the latest library update run. No idea why Kodi was working that way, I just assumed it was default.

Now I see that Kodi tries to scrape the files once and seems to makes a hash for each folder to check if the folder and its contents is changed. Therefore as long as no change happens, Kodi will just ignore the folder, not look into it and therefore not try to scrape the files with no information.

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how to detect "no information found"-items, which are not logged during scraping?0
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