Eminence on Matrix (Solution)
So.....is Eminence dead?  I just installed Kodi 20 only to discover that Eminence was not a skin selection.  I found this thread, pulled it down from git, dropped it on my new install, and changed the version number as recommended at the top of this thread, but as I read down, people aren't able to resolve decency's.  So, should I start looking for a new skin?  I can't stand the default Kodi skin.

It's dead, the one person with the ability and knowledge to update it to an ongoing usable skin has been banned by a petty mod and their teenage level forum rules. I'm moving to Plex, the bulk of the Kodi skins are verging on hideous if not also
adolescent designer level and given the developers inability to gauge what skins are genuinely popular (you'd think this forum would be a good start) they really have no interest in making Kodi a flexible, smart looking media management/player.

Awful shame, of course the smart thing would be to make the forum rules more flexible for addons that have been rendered useless by their push to matrix, even crapple are smarter than that
(2021-06-20, 07:32)grooveq Wrote: has been banned by a petty mod and their teenage level forum rules. I

Don't continue to moan or ridicule Team Kodi members.
Kodi is our application, not yours, and this is our forum, also not yours.
We will maintain (forum) rules for Kodi as we see fit.
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Nexus isn't even at Alpha stage yet. It's there for developers (core, addon and skin) to be able to work with it to create/update addons etc, and to add new features and remove bugs. It is not designed to be a general usage version yet, and so stuff like skins tends to have a lower priority at this stage.

From experience of previous updates, most skinners tend to leave updating their skins to at least the RC stage, with some at the earlier beta stage and others even later once the final version of Kodi is released. This is simply due to the addition of new functions and the inevitable changes to how things work internally leading to a lot of work for people who want to produce functional skins as things change. So they tend to wait until features/updates are more settled, which certainly isn't now for Nexus and won't be for some time yet.
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