Custom node to exclude a genre not working
When importing one Artist with two genres, the media library/database seems to drop the artist.  Case in point:  The Kinks.  I tend to think they are a Rock genre, but their song "Father Christmas" is a Christmas genre.  If I import all of the Kinks (genre=rock) less "Father Christmas" (genre=christmas), the Kodi music database sees The Kinks.  Once I add Father Christmas to the library, then the Kinks disappear from any part of the library (it's in files but not in any genres).  For laughs, I changed the ID tag of Father Christmas to be The Kinks2 and all is fine.  Is there a database problem with one artist who has 2 or more genres?  I really don't want to assign a rock genre to a Christmas song and I'm sure there are other hidden gems with this same problem (The Alarm, John Lennon, Ted Nugent and Twisted Sister come to mind).
Quote:Is there a database problem with one artist who has 2 or more genres?
No problem with tracks having multiple genres, many of mine do. Also song genre is what Kodi is using in the genres node, read from tag data. Navigation from a genre shows the artists with songs of that genre.

What you describe (the Kinks vanishing) makes no sense to me, something else must be going on. The quickest way to get to the bottom of this is possibly to make your music databse availlable to me (upload the MyMuisc82.db to the cloud and post me a link, you can PM me a link if you prefer). What I want to see is the database when all of your music by the Kinks has been scanned into the library with multiple genres (and the Kinks have vanished from the GUI)
Thanks Dave.  I think you are right.  I was toying around with custom userdata/library/music/genres.xml and userdata/library/music/artists.xml files.  Things seem to break if I add a rule that the genre "doesnotcontain" the christmas value.  Once I put the original genres.xml and artists/xml files back the missing artists were back.  Is it not possible to modify those two files or am I not able to exclude/filter certain genres?  Or should I post a message on the [How to] library node examples thread?
OK, so the problem is a customised node not giving the results you want or expect, that makes much more sense. I'm doing to edit the thread title to reflect that.

Yes you can edit any of the default xxxx.xml library nodes in the system folder, but they will get wiped with any upgrade you later do. I would recommend that if you want to have custom nodes then you copy all of what is in the system folder for music into  userdata/library/music and edit those, or to experiement add new variations, rearrange the layout etc.

Excluding genres the current logic is very limited. I have had work on the backburner to improve it for over 3 years... one day.
In effect with "doesnotcontain" "christmas" you have created a rule that says  exclude those artists with songs with genre "Christmass", the Kinks do have such a song hence they are not listed.
Thanks Dave.  On an additional note, I get bad results if I create another custom node where the genre "contains" christmas (I see all of the Kinks songs).  Given the state of the world, playing the song Low Budget could be pretty funny at christmas time!  lol

On the good side, this issue doesn't happen with smart playlists.

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Custom node to exclude a genre not working0
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