Sometimes another video starts playing in the background of the current

I'm using kodi 18.7 on raspbian os 10.

I did not identify a way to replicate this on demand but sometimes when I click on a file to watch it starts to play the video and another one in the background at the same time. The videos overlap. When I stop the video I was trying to watch both stop. If I start again, both start again.

The "additional" video it plays is not always the same one but it tends to be the same for a little time until it changes for no apparent reason.

These videos and are not stored in the same tree, e.g:
* Video I want to play:
> Video
>> Movies
>>> My_Movie

* Video that should NOT start playing at the same time:
> Folder0
>> Folderx
>>> Foldery
>>>> Video
(the path can be different but it's always under Folder0)

"Video" is set as a source, but not "Folder0" (neither for videos nor from anything else), BUT (and I don't know if it's important) they are both stored on the same external hard drive. This external hard drive is ALWAYS mount as a source at each boot automatically... no matter what I tried.

As a workaround I have to go on other folders, sometimes I need to try to play another video in a different sub tree then come back in the original path, but it doesn't always work. Most of the time I have to reboot the raspberry pi 3 I'm using as a media center.

Thanks in advance
Debug log (wiki) please.
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Sometimes another video starts playing in the background of the current0
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