Slideshow of photos in date order (most recent first)?
Is there a way to set up a Pictures slideshow so that the photos are shown in reverse chronological order (i.e. most recent EXIFTime first), and trigger this directly (e.g. from a custom main menu item)? It seems the standard slideshow is always in alphabetical filename order. Is there any way to change this?

I've seen suggestions to create a .m3u playlist of the images. I can do this, but it seems that you must manually open the context menu on the .m3u file and select "Recursive slideshow" to play it. Issuing the direct commands RecursiveSlideShow("/path/to/playlist.m3u") or PlayMedia("/path/to/playlist.m3u") doesn't seem to work.

I'm trying to set up a photo gallery for a very non-technical person, making it as simple to operate as possible. Ideally I'd like to have a top-level option on the main menu called something like "Slideshow" or "Photos" which directly triggers the slideshow, and where the user can use the remote to play/pause and navigate backwards and forwards in the slideshow as desired.

I've modified the Pictures list to sort by Date taken, in reverse order, so the most recent photos are at the top, but viewing this list of files (with names like IMG_1234.jpg) doesn't look as nice as being able to go straight into the slideshow.

I've also modified SlideShow.xml to display $INFO[Slideshow.ObjectName] (where I've put a short caption) and $INFO[Slideshow.EXIFTime] on each image.

Alternatively, is there any way to make the Pictures list view show metadata like $INFO[Slideshow.ObjectName] for each file instead of the filename, apart from manually renaming "IMG_1234.jpg" to "Caption of this image.jpg"?

Thank you in advance for any help!

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Slideshow of photos in date order (most recent first)?0
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