Bug Scroll suffix doesn't support style tags
In labels the <scrollsuffix> doesn't support style tags:-

<scrollsuffix>[B ] | [/B ]</scrollsuffix>
<scrollsuffix>[COLOR Accent] | [/COLOR]</scrollsuffix>

They just print out the style tags as a text string.
Could you potentially fake it by using a hidden textbox (assuming this is a label) with the same label, dimensions and font to ascertain if the label is too long to be displayed? Then if it is include the suffix yourself? That's assuming you can have an empty scrollsuffix on your label

<control type="textbox" id="9000">

<variable name="Label">
    <value condition="Container(9000).HasNext">$INFO[Label,, [B ] | [/B ]</value>

<control type="label>
    <scrollfuffix />
Thanks, but the problems with that are you'd have to do it for every single label in your skin, and because it needs an ID I don't think it would work in a list layout, each layout would end up with the same ID.

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Scroll suffix doesn't support style tags0
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