Why do you use kodi?
Hello all,

I am curious to know what people use kodi for?
All I have seen online is people talk about add-ons that will give you access to some illegal content or streaming website that the not very reliable and work on and off.
Am I missing something? thanks for your help in advance
Few years back I was searching for a music player which supports the audio formats I use (mostly flac, some musepack and few mp3), supports metadata for these format (not all players read metadata for musepack), allows database browsing by album, by artist, by gerne and has an iOS remote control with the features I want (database browsing, covers, fanart, easily playing full albums, appealing UI). Finally I selected Kodi and use it since then.
I use Kodi since it was called XBMC, back in 2008 I ran it in an iMac, with a large HDMI cable connected to my tv.

I have so many movies, and Series that are not longer available, I kept them in a my imac, but then I bought a NAS, with two disks and some android boxes from China, I was able to install kodi as linux, then I changed my NAS for a 4 disks 3tb each QNAP with RAID5, and the boxes for a HP Chrome pc, small box with 16gb internal storage, and Intel Celeron... I used with LibreELEC, now I have a Xiaomi TV with Kodi

When Netflix appeared, it was not something big for me, because I have just the same but much more fast and all the movies and series there I liked them

I used Kodi with a shared  mysql DB over QNAP so I was able to continue watching in another TV, used to have 3 so I wanted to go to the other TV and resume, it worked great.

Also I used the PseudoTV Plugin, which was amazing! it allowed you to created custom "TV" channels, you choose a genere, a serie or whatever and it produced virtual channels for you, and you can do zapping because the grid was playing so every time I changed the channel, there was another great movie playing, or a great serie... I remember I used to have one channel playing Futurama all day long!!

My kids love it, because all their movies are there, we have the family photos too and music, pretty much everything

So yeah I love Kodi!
Almost exclusively for listening to music. I normally use the Pandoki addon and use a Aeon MQ9 skin mod by latts9923 for all the great eye candy when listening to music.
(2023-07-27, 11:16)foxy6800 Wrote: All I have seen online is people talk about add-ons that will give you access to some illegal content or streaming website that the not very reliable and work on and off.

You must have had a somewhat limited view on what you search for online. Sure, there are add-ons for less-than-100%-legal streaming options. But there are also add-ons of the good kind, which may only work only locally. I use an IPTV add-on with which I can view all TV channels from my own internet provider. All legally. Kodi also has a PVR section. I prefer Kodi as it has a much nicer GUI and works a lot better and faster than the low-powered TV setup box from the internet provider.

Plenty of people also have placed their DVD/BR collection onto harddisks and have Kodi play those without having to constantly juggle those discs. Kodi also has a gaming section where various (older) console games are supported.
I use Kodi mainly to serve my providers dvb-c channels throughout the house and to access my NAS shares. Other than that to access the occasional streaming service.
But mostly I use Kodi for its open format and fun community Wink
(2023-07-27, 11:16)foxy6800 Wrote: curious to know what people use kodi for?

This spells it out pretty much, https://kodi.tv/about/

My personal usage revolves around my collection of videos, Kodi fits well.
90% for viewing live tv with Tvheadend addon
10% for movies /series from my nas.
This post probably explains my setup and usage better than retyping it.  It is slightly dated but fairly accurate.

Running with the Mezzmo Kodi addon.  The easier way to share your media with multiple Kodi clients.
Service.autostop , CBC Sports, Kodi Selective Cleaner and Mezzmo Kodi addon author.
I use Kodi because:

It's part of my daily routine enjoying my home theater.

No other front-end catalogs and displays my media collections as well having used quite a few over the decades.  View tailoring is endless allowing me to adjust the presentations just how I want.  There is something for everybody no matter their tastes.

The Kodi VideoPlayer handles some (but not all) bdmv playback with menus - something important to me no other freeware offers and at minimum is on par with other paid proprietary software.  

The playercorefactory.xml functionality allows me to integrate other software easily adding even more diversity - and it's all hands-free automated perfection a non-techi can use.

Community add-on contributions seem endless advancing usage far beyond the basics although the basics are extensive.  There are many talented folks from all over the world creating and sharing diverse offerings lots of us wouldn't even think of.

Kodi is constantly improving to stay current with other advancements in the computing world related to its operation - so it strives to remain on the leading edge alongside the latest tech.

It is open source and anyone can contribute be it suggestions or hands-on involvement within their forte'.  No one gets paid therefore it is free to download.  It's wonderful to be offered a legal freebee gem while constantly swimming in a world of greed!

Millions of postings have participated in a well laid out forum sharing, seeking and offering assistance.  Without this... I would never be able to use Kodi the ways I do.
HOW TO - Kodi 2D - 3D - UHD (4k) HDR Guide Internal & External Players iso menus

W11 Pro 24H2 MPC-BE\HC madVR KODI 22 GTX960-4GB/RGB 4:4:4/Desktop 60Hz 8bit Video Matched Refresh rates 23,24,50,60Hz 8/10/12bit/Samsung 82" Q90R Denon S720W
Use Kodi for my movie collection of 2160p remux downloads onto my hard drives

Since Rarbg shut down I'm struggling for an alternative tho so not used Kodi much the past couple months or so
The add-ons are far more advanced and support by the commjunity compared to other platforms.

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