[WINDOWS] HOW-TO use a module to configure Xbox Remote Control on XBMC for Windows
Not sure if anyone else has this problem but navigating around can be a paint for me (using a harmony as an xbox controller) when i click over 70% of the time it does liek a double tap and skis over an item.. anyone else experience this or know how to fix it?
anyone else had the whole double scrolling issue?
i seem to remember that some time ago other ppl mentioned that they stopped the double click event by disabling the second (no in use) HID usb device.

Any word on a Vista 64 Bit driver? Thanks!
Well, I found this thread on the same subject:


There is a link to a Vista 64 driver! http://forums.techpowerup.com/attachment...1236911405

Only thing is since it is unsigned, Vista 64 won't let it run! It does at least recognize it and come up with the XBCD Xbox Remote Control Microsoft title in the Device Manager. Anyone know away around the signed driver requirement that still actually works?
Well, I used VistaBootPro to get around the signed driver thing. That seems to be fixed, but now it says the driver is corrupt. Lovely.
windows 7 64, almost there...but not working...
I tried to use the 64 bit driver file mentioned just above, and had to edit the inf to use all lowercase(and place the file in system32\drivers, then it installed with the driver signing error...
so, I found the best way to enable non-singed drivers was this app:
you can enable test mode, and sign the file...
ran the xbcdr, exe file, nothing....

then I tried the irxbox exe, with the installed driver, nothing...
neither program has a test interface, to see if it is actually recieving data..

I found someone else mention intelliremote in another thread. that didn't recognize it either, but it had an HID test program, that sees an MCE service running, and when I press buttons on the remote, the code on the screen changes....so something is working...

the irbox in the tray does see the service is running, but says xbmc not run.
I'm using a recent build, is my build not supported, or am I missing something?
it was the release,
I downloaded current pre-release, from download page, and I'm up and running!!!



This little device is a full keyboard and mouse combo with backlight capabilities, and does well fit the living room.
Nevertheless it won't help much if you're trying to lower the number of remotes used :>

This is how it fits functionality of a remote:
What model is this logitech thingy?
I can't get this to work with XBMC 9.11. Any ideas?

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[WINDOWS] HOW-TO use a module to configure Xbox Remote Control on XBMC for Windows0
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