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PM3.HD Font Size
I've got the fonts.xml and edited it to make the font size a bit bigger all around. The only problem I seem to have run into is the clock font is too large and is running off the screen.

Could you tell me which line in fonts.xml that the clock font is on so I don't have to trial and error for an hour?


BTW: I used the script posted by chapado to increase the font sizes, in case anyone else would like to do it easier:

EDIT: Ok, using the above program, it looks like increasing the font size by 4 works best. I believe when I got it to 5pts it was too big to display the time on the homepage correctly. For those that would like the 4pt font increase, I've uploaded it here:
Thanks for posting. I used it and it seems to help! Smile
The file you need to edit is the"home.xml", if you are talking about the clock on the Home Screen..........It's located in the 720p directory. Look for the "timelabel" entry and you can edit it there...... Be sure you get the entry for the clock.

Hope this helps....

BTW, you will see an entry for the "width"... By default it is set to 400 I believe. I changed mine to 550..... I use font18 for my clock, and it is large enough for me.....

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