stuttering @ 720p
Hi fellas, i will try to give as much detail as possible (more if requested).
I had a old Pentium D 2.8 sitting around so i decided to replace my xbox with it so i could play HD.
About 2 years ago when it was my everyday comp it played 720p perfectly under xp & vista and some 1080p.

Pentium D 2.8
Asus P5GD1-FM
1028 ram
Geforce 7100 GS DVI > HDMI > LCD

So i installed ubuntu hardy and was all going ok but could not get optical out to work (managed in the end) and on the LCD i had huge overscan but not on the projector (HD65 720p).
Install latest nvidia drivers via envy - all fine
Anyway i got xbmc going and tried playing a 720p clip (x264 @ 5581kbps) and im getting stuttering and very high cpu usage which drops the fps to about 18-20 then its fine again. Happens every 30 sec or so which to me makes it unwatchable.

This also happens in vlc so i could do with a bit of help determining the problem.

Cheers guys Big Grin
Perhaps something else is occurring every 30 seconds or so - some background process is running that takes up a chunk of CPU?
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