Mediastream and the Apple Remote

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MediaStream is by far my favorite theme and I really want to use it!! I have figured out how to hold down the play / pause button on the Apple Remote to get the context menu to appear, etc. I have figured out all I need except one thing (and this is a show stopper!!!):

When listening to music and after some time the visualization starts, all is well - I can go back to the "now playing" screen, I can bring up the controls (play / stop / etc), and I can slide the album art in from the side... but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get out of this mode! I can't get out of this album, or the music module at all. I have to reboot.. and that is not acceptable. So far this is only in the MediaStream theme.

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There's a good chance that the latest launcher has this issue resolved.

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