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themoviedb.org (TMDb) site needs Movie FanArt for...
I started this thread for those who have movies that have DOES NOT YET have any FanArt already made for them. Please respect thi .as I am trying to help get FanArt backdrops together and post it over at themoviedb.org with the goal that all movies there will have one at least.


[EDIT]: Please post a direct link to the specific "themoviedb.org" film page that you need FanArt for, thanks!
FourTwentySmilz Wrote:I have already uploaded Fanart there for Nightmare on Elm Street Movies and Friday the 13th Movies.

Nice, I have actually been looking for those!
great idèa! I am looking for fan art for Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance.
anyone got any?
Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance

3 Fanarts, 1 English titled Poster


Looks like this movie has some info completed on themoviedb.com, could use more though like abstract. Feel free to update it!!!
Thanks dandrik Big Grin
looks great!
Any Fanart for Hell ride?
At the risk of sounding like a dick. It would be nice if we kept images as high quality as possible. It is always better to scale down than to scale up.
Got just a few that I need... Big Grin

These are all linked to the movie pages on TheMovieDB.org -
A Bronx Tale
The Basketball Diaries
Beautiful girls
Day Of The Dead (1985)
Duck Soup
Jingle All The Way
Legally Blonde
Money Talks
Never Been Kissed
Next Friday
Plan 9 From Outer Space
Pretty Woman
Red Dawn
Say Anything
Summer Of Sam
The Abandoned
The Cider House Rules
The Exorcism Of Emily Rose
The Ice Harvest
The Outsiders
The Philadelphia Story
The Road To Wellville
The Wendell Baker Story
Very Bad Things
What The Bleep Do We Know
What's Eating Gilbert Grape
Wrong Turn 2
Zombi 2

I couldn't find any movie pages for these, so here's the IMDB links -
7 More Days In The Tank
American Nightmare
Bad News Bears (2005)
Beautiful Girls
Borderland (2007)
Burnt Offerings
Eight Men Out
Fast Times At Ridgemont High
H.H. Holmes
Murder Party
Puddle Cruiser
Return To House On Haunted Hill
She's The One
Sleepaway Camp
Sleepover Nightmare
The Changeling (1980)
The Dead Girl
The Doom Generation
The Driller Killer
The Funhouse
The Ghost & Mr. Chicken
The Ghosts Of Edendale
The Gravedancers
The Mangler
The Ref
The Secret
The Slaughterhouse Massacre
The Staircase
The United States Of Leland
Three O'Clock High
Tourist Trap
True Colors
Year Of The Dog

Man that one was a pain to get the right look... Ow well getting better with gimp!!!

To anyone interested... creating fanart isn't rocket science by any means. Most of the time its downloading high rez posters and cropping the image... wallah fanart!

I have started a fairly verbose "guide", it is fairly long winded (cause I am generally lol).

Bewared though, I have yet to get to using tools like crop, heal, clone etc in gimp. If you know how to crop, rotate etc you should be fine...

At the risk of sounding like a dick......Most films that are more than 15 years old, don't have Hi-Res Images to scale down.....therefore, we do what we can. If you can find a Hi-Res image for EVERY movie EVER made, let me know where to look.......I'll start using those. Till then I'll still keep trying to provide images for those who can't make their own stuff.

We Good?
Aenima99x, find Friday and Next Friday in the links below.
@ FourTwentySmilz

Of course we are "good." It is just fanart after all Wink That being said, we have had this discussion before on themoviedb forums.

Travis never actually gave a definitive answer but it looks like "bad" fanart will be reported and removed. All I am saying is that it is better to put up nothing at all than something pixelated that you will then have to go through and remove if it is automatically downloaded. As CRN mentioned in the thread, all htpc programs have a background that they will show if there is no fanart available and unless you are using a horrible skin that background will look better than a pixelated and out of aspect fanart image.

As for movies that have little or no high quality images. If you really like the movie, take the time to make a "custom" fanart. You can work wonders with multiple small images and not have to stretch them. If you don't like the movie enough to put in that kind of time, then don't worry about it Wink Also, as I have seen on R1DB.com you can scan the DVD cover of a movie at very high quality and make some pretty great fanart from that. This is also helpful for those hard to find movies. Just my thoughts on it. Cheers.
The problem with "only good fanart" is peoples subject opinion of "good" or not "bad". There are some easy ones and then there is the grey area where it may look good on a 720p with a semi-small screen and horrible on a 1080p large screen...

I know my tastes are less strict then CRN's.

If someone is uploading art chances are they are using it, so in their mind the art is acceptable...

I think reporting poor art once a better quality one has been uploaded is ok, but trying to remove "bad" art when there are no other options is a waste of time.

We all have to edit/update our movie/info/art etc when we add movies. Each one of us have different preferences as to fanart, posters, titles, overview etc. I personally am pretty anal about info when I add new movies. I hand select my fanart, poster and info just to make sure it is what I want. This gives me control of my info/system. If someone is particular like me, they should be doing the same, cause plenty of people are not and are happy with default info, first fanart available etc.

Oh Rand thanks for the link to R1DB.com... we need more of those it had some better sources for a few of my fanart's that I know are "bad". So I will be able to improve to a somewhat acceptable level.
dandirk Wrote:Pleasantville

Man that one was a pain to get the right look... Ow well getting better with gimp!!!
Cool thx
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themoviedb.org (TMDb) site needs Movie FanArt for...3
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