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odd key mappings
I've noticed some odd key mappings in Media Stream and I'm not sure if they're intentional or not:

(XBOX, Media Stream 0.97, XBMC T3CH Atlantis final build)

1. Configure System > Favorites opens the favorites list but the 'B' button does not close it. Generally 'B' seems to go back one level on most screens (e.g. browsing TV shows) and the 'back' key seems to kick you back tot he main menu. So I understand when 'back' key closes the favourites but it seems odd that the 'B' does not. I think this would make it more user friendly.

2. From the main screen, when I press 'start', no other keys seems to have any effect and there's no visual indication on screen that anything changed but I need to press 'start' again to actually use the interface. It's like a lock key or something.
Update: I notice happens on other screens as well (e.g. browsing TV shows)

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