[Request] Link to Weather plug-in on Weather page
xb2iris Wrote:Oh okay... thats sounds great rwparris2... that sounds great... and as this is a new dimention to me, instruct me on how to get this thing into my skin... guess it won't be to hard... but that will definately be a cool feature to put in there, and I'm sure it'll open the door to more similar ideas in horizonz... thanks man... and thanks for helping Jezzy!

I'll do it tonight if I don't get too trashed.
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Jezz_X Wrote:Livin your missing my point its that currently if added thats how it would work because its how all currently work It needs a redesign of somthings internally of the skin conditions for it to do what you want.
And at the time JM was not prepared to do that for 1 skin condition

If "all conditions" work that way then the HDD would be thrashing all the time since many skins have conditional items in them... since back in the XBOX only days.
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
thanks rwparris2, working hard on volume IV and it would be great if i could get ur feature in there... i'll check back
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[Request] Link to Weather plug-in on Weather page00