PM3.HD fonts & view mode
edit :[the dumds down should be a question mark
unlucky i can't change that]
i use pm3hd on xbox xbmc tv 4:3 33inch screen

fonts question
the letters are a to small and to narrow to each other for me
i now use the font.xml of noxion in this topic
but the letter still feel to narrow and little
is it possible to put other font options as in pm3 ?

view mode question
i like the view:thumbnail in library mode videos
here you can set 12 pictures of videos.
in other modes somehow view:thumbnail it is set on 6 pictures
also i like of pm3:the dvd icon.Something for pm3 hd?
but i understand from this 3 topics
PM3.HD - no DVD Icons view?
PM3HD library mode icon view
PM3.HD CoverFlow Mod
this 2 options or something close to that are in in progress.
maybe someone can post on this and update when or if this is going to happen?
and in pm3 i like the library mode view:medio info 2
something for pm3 hd?
i know make the font.xml bigger for my screen,
but i have know a problem with the date clock in home screen.
you can't see the it possible to manually(or maybe next pm3hd update) put it more on the left,so i can see the time?
and who should i asked this?
then you either have your skin zoom setting all wrong or an insane amount of overscan. former case, set it sanely (appearance look&feel), latter case, calibrate.
i changed my font.xml.
everything to 6 up.see also post of noxion
this is readable for me .
come to think of is pm3HD is this only good for hd screen
or can i use this also for a crt tv ?

Quote:an insane amount of overscan.former case, set it sanely (appearance look&feel), latter case
i dont exactly know what you mean
with overscan ,former case and latter case Huh

i tried to calibrate it doesn't do to the job for my time visibility problem.
skin zoom setting:
something odd also happens when i adjust skin zoom settings(for example to 12). Sometimes time(very rarely ) is visible and when i adjust zoom up and low settings again and go back( to 12 )the time is not visibly.
also when i do zoom setting smaller than my screen it doesn't make the time visible.
;( still have the clock problem
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