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Q: How do I start a video stream

i am trying to start a video stream via script and can't get it to work. maybe somebody here can help. out of other posts i found how to do it for audio playlists. in theory it should be similar for video. here the code i have tried:
   pls = xbmc.playlist(2)
   streamfile = 'f:\\filename.strm'
   print 'executetagesschau: playing ' + streamfile

i can manually start the file, but if i try it from the script i get the follwing error:
13-06-2004 21:58:28 mplayer play:f:\filename.strm cachesize:1024
13-06-2004 21:58:29 flipping bi-directional subtitles disabled
13-06-2004 21:58:29 stating file f:\filename.strm.conf
13-06-2004 21:58:29 stating file q:\mplayer\filename.strm.conf
13-06-2004 21:58:29 cmplayer::openfile() f:\filename.strm failed

anybody an idea what to try?


Q: How do I start a video stream00