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[REQUEST] CNN (Video) Plugin?
I know by searching this forum
there was in the past a CNN script on
but that isn't working any more.
Can someone please make a script/plugin for CNN.
in the addons svn, you can use the svn installer.

if you feel like contributing. it could use some category thumbnails. eg i included one for world.
For python coding questions first see
There's a good, stable stream from included in the excellent Infinity TV script. I watched all the presidential debates on it Smile
Nuka1195 Wrote:in the addons svn, you can use the svn installer.

if you feel like contributing. it could use some category thumbnails. eg i included one for world.
how did i missed that:o
thumbnails that's something i can do.and when i have some
what i have to do than with the thumbnails?

also CNN plugin doesn't have the search option. podcast would also be great in my opinion in the plugin.
Now i watch the podcast with Navi-X script.
And the defauft player is mplayer but i noticed dvdplayer would be better.
you can than go forward and backwards in stream.
and can the live stream be in the plugin
dave auto Wrote:There's a good, stable stream from included in the excellent Infinity TV script.
didn't know that you can get the url of the CNN stream of the website
how did he/she did that ?
Or do you have to do that manually?
I don't know anything about the CNN plugin, but Zero is usually mapped to queue item so you can queue everything quickly.
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it should with all video plugins
For python coding questions first see
Well guys guess what?? I've always wondered how to get that thing to work!
It seems like you guys might actually be able to help me out.

So what I usually do, I user the "Queue item" feature and expect it be played after the video I'm currently viewing is finished but this never happens.

Reading this thread it seems it seems like the video is added to some video playlist somewhere that I need to find and start, is that it?

How do I do that?

Thanks in advance for the help.
press P(lay) on your selected CNN folder?
I'm having a problem with the CNN Video Plugin. I have two computers one is installed with the formal XMMC version of December 2009 and the other one is installed with the latest build. Neither one can play the CNN video plugin, although they can display the latest videos available and the thumbnail pictures.
Does any one have the same problem and know how to resolve this?

Followed is the debug log:

14:39:03 T:1360 M:1460682752 NOTICE: [PLUGIN] 'CNN Video: version 1.3.1' initialized!
14:39:13 T:2860 M:1434853376 NOTICE: DVDPlayer: Opening:
14:39:13 T:2860 M:1434849280 WARNING: CDVDMessageQueue(player):Tongueut MSGQ_NOT_INITIALIZED
14:39:13 T:2492 M:1434820608 NOTICE: Creating InputStream
14:39:15 T:2492 M:1434562560 WARNING: XFILE::CFileCurl::CReadState::FillBuffer: curl failed with code 6
14:39:15 T:2492 M:1434595328 ERROR: CFileCurl::CReadState::Open, didn't get any data from stream.
14:39:15 T:2492 M:1434595328 ERROR: XFILE::CFileCache::Open - failed to open source <>
14:39:15 T:2492 M:1434615808 ERROR: CDVDPlayer::OpenInputStream - error opening []
14:39:15 T:2492 M:1434615808 NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::OnExit()
14:39:15 T:2492 M:1434611712 NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::OnExit() deleting input stream
14:39:15 T:2860 M:1434640384 ERROR: Playlist Player: skipping unplayable item: 0, path []
14:39:15 T:2860 M:1434554368 NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::CloseFile()
14:39:15 T:2860 M:1434554368 WARNING: CDVDMessageQueue(player):Tongueut MSGQ_NOT_INITIALIZED
14:39:15 T:2860 M:1434554368 NOTICE: DVDPlayer: waiting for threads to exit
14:39:15 T:2860 M:1434554368 NOTICE: DVDPlayer: finished waiting


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hitting 'queue' on the folder aint all that much work.
Is it now available to be installed as Zip file? if not, how do I get this plugin? Thanks.
tikkiew Wrote:googlecode.xbmc-addons

So it's can only be installed from addons svn, use the svn installer? not the usual way that we can install add-ons ( or Zip)? Thanks.
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