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Navi-X Media Browser Script for XBMC (The Navi-X Official Support Thread)
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Welcome to the official support forum for the Navi-X Media Browser, so if you have any questions regarding functionality, features or content, you should post them here (AND ONLY HERE!!!) and the Navi-X staff or other members can help you get your answers you seek!

Your probably asking yourself "What is Navi-X?"...

Navi-X is a media browser that allows you to watch and distribute multimedia content through the internet and Xbox Media Center. Tons of content has already been posted online, including television shows, movies, downloadable mixtapes, YouTube, ShoutCAST, Flickr, Podcasts, RSS feeds, pictures, text streaming music and much more! We also have content from Apple Movie Trailers, XBMC scripts and plugins, NASA TV, Adult Swim, News, Dutch TV and television shows from various international networks.

Now that I know what it is, where can I get Navi-X?

Check out the website to view a video demo of Navi-X, download Navi-X, view screenshots, or check Navi-X support forums. There's also a "Portals" section where you can post your own content on the web instantly and easily. We also have built-in automatic content/link checkers plus removers and playlist creators.

Download and install the script by putting it in your XBMC "scripts" folder then click the script to start it! I promise you won't be disappointed!

With that said, we're now open for questions and comments but post them here and here only please! Thanks.

I get a lot of questions about what is or what is NOT on Navi-X, so I decided to post here a relatively accurate reflection of what networks are officially on Navi-X. Note that if you do not see something here, that does not mean it is not in one of our hundreds of user created playlists. It's great to have one person working on one site at a time, it's another thing to have a community of 35,000 helping to add content to one script! Check out Navi-X Media Browser today and start the revolution!

Rough List of Supported Networks
ShoutCAST Internet Radio
YouTube HD

Video Networks
News Networks
ABC News (U.S.)
BBC News (U.K.)
CNN News (U.S.)
MSNBC News (U.S.)
RTL News (Dutch)
NOS Journaal (Dutch)
EenVandaag (Dutch)
Al Jazeera News (Arabic)
NTDTV News (Asian)
CBC News (Canada)
Bloomberg TV and News podcast
Onion News Network (U.S)
NDR Nieuws Hamburg (Germany)
Fuji News Network (Japan)
RBC News (Russia)

Tons of LIVE TV Broadcasts from around the world in over 20 languages!

Television Shows
Adult Swim
Anime Network
Cartoon Network
Comedy Central
Crackle TV and Movies
Discovery Channel
Dutch TV
ESPN Podcasts
HBO Podcasts
HSN Home Shopping Network
LaSexta (Spanish)
National Geographic
Skateboarding Videos
Machinima TV (not for Xbox)
National Geographic
NBC Universal Sports Networks
Nova Science (English and Dutch)
Revision3 TV
SciFi Channel

Movies from DiVX Crawler and other public sites...

Different Video Podcasts
Apple Movie Trailers
NASA Channels, Live Video Feeds and Pictures.
Live Webcams Around The World 24/7
Miscellaneous News Podcasts
Whitehouse Video Podcasts and Obama's Weekly Radio Address
Music Videos and some music.

Radio Newscasts
BBC News Radio Podcasts (U.K.)
Bloomberg News Radio (U.S.)
Univision News Radio (Spanish)
BNR Nieuwsradio (Dutch)
NCRV (Dutch)
NOS (Dutch)
VPRO Noorderlicht Podcast (Dutch)
Radio 1 Nieuwsoverzicht (Dutch)
RTE News (Ireland)

Picture Sites
Stuff Desktop Wallpaper

User's Media, including content from around the world...
mostly in English, but also seen Dutch, German, French, Italian,
Spanish, and Russian, commonly as well. Navi-Xtreme makes it fast
and easy to add content to Navi-X, as well as a custom logos, backgrounds,
descriptions and media types...
Don't under estimate User's Media... it's the biggest portion of Navi-X content!

XBMC Scripts and Plugins (currently archived from SVN Repository on March 15th, 2009)

Xbox Programs, including downloads for XBMC for Xbox builds and Xbox Apps.

XBMC Skins

LitSpliff's SmokeStop

Navi-Xtra Media Portal including over 65 user created playlists of it's own.

Solocky Vision has it's own sections with tons of movies, anime and television!

Navi-Xtreme including over 170 user created playlists of it's own.
Navi-Xtreme also includes easy to use playlist builder, media verification
to remove non working content automatically, forums, an Adult Content filter,
and a Navi-X Simulator, to check your work real quick or just check out
the media portals and content on Navi-X LIVE!
is there a way to see how much hits i get on my playlist?
I made a playlist dutch podcast in Navi-Xtra Media Portal.
And i want to see if someones using it ,
so that i know if it's usefull to maintain it.
Hit Tracking is now offerred in Navi-Xtreme, by 24 hours, 7 days and a month! Mad props to Turner3D for making this possible!

mayble i will try this thanks
google analytics anyone?
Hit tracking would be an interesting feature and I will have a look at this. I can confirm that the Navi-X script and also the Navi-X website do not support this at this moment. I will have a look at the Google service. Maybe we can introduce a new (optional) PLX playlist attribute indicating a tracker site (which could be on a separate server).


I'm wondering how I could delete/hide/block

18+ content on Navix. It's a great script.. and would hate to have to delete it but I have little brothers that use it.. and would like to protect them.

Thx Smile
Oxyking, at this moment you cannot hide/filter content in Navi-X. But I will make sure this function is added in the next coming releases.

Any future plans for supporting the AppleTV?
Severe, I do not have experience with the Apple TV platform (yet). But I see no problems with supporting this in the near future.

Hi, is anybody else having problems with the download + shutdown feature
it seems to freeze the box when download is complete.
Running Navi-x 2.5 for xbox, and running 2008/12/30 t3ch xbmc build.

Navi-x is brill thanks a lotBig Grin
rodejo16 Wrote:Severe, I do not have experience with the Apple TV platform (yet). But I see no problems with supporting this in the near future.


Thanks. Looking forward to it.
Hi. I noticed that the image thumbs are stretched to fill the little window on the left, so often the original aspect ratio of the image is lost. Is there a way to avoid this?
ghizzu, this is possible but it requires a change in Navi-X. I will have a look at this (next release).
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