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[RELEASE] Family Guy (Video) Plugin - All Seasons and Episodes
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per XBMC's Official Piracy Policy

This site was really similar to the watch the simpsons online plug in i made yesterday so it wasn't much effort to make this one.

All Seasons including new episodes and the movie.

videos are from

install the plugin with SVN Repo Installer

update: fixed a problem with the fg movie
Brilliant work again, tried this straight after getting the Simpsons one installed. Really impressed with it!!!

Nice work on both of them, BlueCop, thanks!
Does anyone have problems to watch the first season?
All others work fine

Check the website, "the video your requested was not found"...
Thanks for the update Smile

Ugh, I know it has *nothing* to do with the plugin (which works extremely well), but dang it, Seasons 5 and up are not working. I've just enjoyed every episode through Season 4 and WOW is this the best cartoon ever or what?

I verified on the website that it's the "Video not found" problem. I don't see any way to contact whomever runs

Sorry just venting. Like I said, I know it's *not* the plugin!! Wink
Hi everybody,

I am brand new to Xbmc and new to ubuntu, I managed to get Xbmc working on my ubuntu machine and set up with my Movies and Music.

I had no idea things like this were possible and I absolutly MUST HAVE this plugin.

One Problem!

I haven't a clue what to do.

Please could some body explain to me in step by step simple points how I go from normal xbmc to having this plugin installed.

I am running Ubuntu Jaunty.

Please help it would be amazing if I could have this up and running.

Thanks in advance

Actually I have found the forum for the site and the head forum dude reports "guys.. no dead episode reporting.. i am not approving your posts.

use firefox."

Earlier in the thread he states "As always.. make sure you allow third party cookies."

I have confirmed that later episodes DO work in there's (and I hate to say it) something up with the plugin. Sad

Not being too technically inclined when it comes to XBMC, I can only report that if you try the videos (Season Five and up) in Google Chrome, for example, they don't work. But older seasons do. And I should say I am using this plugin for the XBox.

So what do Google Chrome and this plugin have in common that Firefox doesn't and allows them to play?

I tried the plugin today, but I can only browse shows, when I click on a particular shows, nothing seems to happen.

Viewing shows in my web browser works fine.

XBMC: svn rev 21487
xbmc-addons: svn rev 1117
Ubuntu 9.04
looks good, thanks
I know this is an old post. But, I just started using XBMC, and I am really interested in using this plugin. However, I am using Windows 7 and XBMC 10.1. Is the SVN Repo Installer even compatible with my system? If so, how do I install it?
Just add bluecops repo to your XBMC, the add on is there!
i looked in bluecops repo but didn't see it,i even did a check for updates and a force refresh and still not there.I have Dharma 10.1 if that helps.
A little bump to see if this can still work on Eden 11.0. It appears that it won't, but I can always hope!
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