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TV Show Thumbs for Multiplex (Wide Poster "FanArt with Logos")
Here is my first contributions (added to TheTVDb)

Top Gear
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2)
CSI: Miami
CSI: Miami (2)
CSI: Miami (3)
Heroes (2)
Heroes (3)
The Unit
The Mentalist
CSI: New York

I have not added the following to thetvdb since I don't believe that they are good enough as fanart, but works great for Multiplex
(If someone thinks that they against all odds do fit the requirements for thetvdb, feel free to upload them)

America's Next Top Model
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Without a Trace


Lost Not done by me, just a tip!
If you use 16:10 images for the banners it displays fine, but I can imagine having to figure out a way to 80 or 120 pixels to a load of 16:9 images is gonna be a real pain.
isn't there one word somewhere in the code that you can change to make the image stretch rather than crop? i remember someone talking about doing it with showcase. i'd be fine with a little bit of stretching. it's hardly noticeable but it's quite clear when part of your text is missing.
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I recall something like that as well. I'll do a little search in this board and if I find something, I'll let you know.

OK this is what I had in mind: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid...light=crop

I can't try it now coz I'm at work but I will do as soon as I'm home.
Also, since the group of us were throwing around, hey let's post our icons in the tvdb, see this topic:

But in a nutshell, they're going to add a flag that allows users when they upload to flag fanart as with a logo or without, so that in the future xbmc will be able to pull these as thumbs.

One before work:

Star Trek Deep Space Nine
7 Days
7th Heaven (Good images for this show are less than easy to find...It's decent but not that great)
IQ - 145
Battlestar Galactica

more on the way Nod
Make this a sticky?
Was just browsing net for some images for tv shows and found this.

Select Tv Shows and select which show you want

American Dad!
SWEET! i've been waiting for chuck!

Now we should note this:
Quote:Re: fanart wikipageHuh
by Coco » Mon Apr 27, 2009 12:53 pm

Oh, Scott there is one other thing we missed. We not only have to tag them as including the title but now fanarts also have to have languages attached to them.

It's some pretty minor changes to the interface but you may want to hold off on adding a bunch of these until it's changed otherwise you're just going to have to go back through and mark them once it is changed.


Here's my contribution, please be gentle Laugh

Big Bang Theory
I was asked how this is currently working for the end-user: naming conventions, etc. The way I've been doing it is grabbing those fanarts that have been uploaded with the title in them and saving them as folder.jpg in the show's folder. Then, when you go into the TV show's info in XBMC and hit "thumb" to pick the thumbnail the image will show up as local thumb at the bottom of the list.

FernFerret's talks with thetvdb.com crew will open the way for XBMC to link in and display specific fanarts as remote thumbs, like it does banners and posters right now. It will require an update to thetvdb.com (which they're willing to do it seems), and an update to XBMC's code (which shouldn't be much), so for now the best way is to just add them as folder.jpg.
FernFerret Wrote:Now we should note this:

I'm keeping track of the ones I upload, and don't mind going back and re-flagging the language once them implement it.

Did they give any ETA on when these flags would be in place?
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TV Show Thumbs for Multiplex (Wide Poster "FanArt with Logos")6
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