xbox shuts down playing video from asda brand dvd...very strange!!
very very wierd. i have been using the xbox in question for about 1.5 years now . ive never had any problems like this .

i have been using my own upgraded hard drive throughout this time (moved from old xbox) and i just use it to watch some avis. nothing else really . its not connected up to a network .
i have been burning lots of cds and dvds of avis and mkvs and ive had no problems . luckily i have the latter drive and it plays any disc i throw at it . ive used lots of different brands of disc. i was in asda the other day and bought 10dvd+r for 2.99..bargain really . i burnt season 3 of takeshi castle and some new wipe out episodes to a disc . i started playing them upstairs and the xbox randomly shut down in the middle . i tried it again and it shut down after 3 minutes. i tried one of the wipeout vids and it shut down again. my first thought was the psu had buggerd in someway , or it was over heating. im not a hugely tech person. but i ran the fan up to 60% and kept an eye on the temp and again it shut down after 4 minutes . so i took the disc out and put a sony brand disc in it . and nothing happened. i watched 3 hours of vids of that dvd . i tired the asda dvd again and it shut down again. it doesn't make sense. i cant believe that its a brand of disc thats shutting the box down. but i have no idea?
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xbox shuts down playing video from asda brand dvd...very strange!!00